starr apartment, paparazzi await his arrival

Ponzi scheme defendant's apartment, reporters gather

7,5 million condo of alleged swindler who cheated celebrities. Photographers await his arrival to video and photograph his comings and goings. Shades of Bernard Madoff who lived ten blocks away in a much bigger penthouse.

trailing hem

trailing hem

long, lean and willowy is fast gaining traction on Manhattan streets as a new generation of early adopters discovers the attractions of a trailing hem. Dresses that “drag on the floor, with raw edges, and worn with combat boots,

surfboard paddle

surfboard paddle

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams share a naked shower scene in their profound, emotionally rigorous film Blue Valentine, a Cannes Film Festival entry which debuted on Tuesday. But it was no fun, no romp, and it was not sensual. “That shower was intense,” Gosling said may 19 about the eight hours it took to shoot the sequence.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Cannes May 18, 2010

Harvey Weinstein said he’d bring it to Cannes because the stamp of approval is really important.” It just so happened that Cianfrance is benefiting from a relative lack of worldwide celebrities or strong American films — and Valentine may emerge from the festival with stronger buzz than any other film.

“Being one of the few American films and the only independent American feature is just amazing,” said Cianfrance. “I’d love to see Ryan and Michelle get rewarded for going so raw, to the heavens and the basement.”

Blue Valentine Pennsylvania

Writer-director Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine to Cannes for a worldwide premiere that may help solidify the critical buzz surrounding its perfectly matched stars, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and possibly position the film for an Oscar run this fall.

Gosling interview:
You played house together while he filmed?
It was just Derek being a voyeur. [We improvised] and he filmed everything.

He filmed me throwing up. He filmed Michelle peeing three times. He filmed me picking up dog poop. We lived in that house, basically, as though we were married in the country. We bought presents; we wrapped them. We baked the birthday cake. We had Christmas. NYMag