Michelle Williams’ Father ends tax problems with plea

8 June, 2010

Larry Williams

Larry Williams

Larry Williams plead guilty to misdemeanors, he says, and that those tax problems are about over:
“3 days into trial all 9 felony counts were dropped,

all amounts due and owing were dropped and

I pleaded guilty to 3 misdemeanors of failure to file reporting to gross
income but with no tax due and owing.

Will pay a slight fine and maybe one year probation.”

The US Internal Revenue Service claimed 1.5 million in alleged tax evasion between 1999 and 2001. Larry, moved to the Virgin Islands set up residency there due to the tax savings afforded. But the IRS ruled that he was a US mainland resident and assessed taxes accordingly.

The Virgin Islands resident was alleged to have “wilfully and affirmatively” attempted to evade paying taxes on royalties from his 10 books and earnings from the international speaking circuit.

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One Response to “Michelle Williams’ Father ends tax problems with plea”

  1. Linda Jolley Says:

    I’ve been a Larry Williams fan for 40 years, so very glad to see that the government has stopped attacking him. Larry has done so much for so many!
    My impression: they never had much of a case against him. They were trying to scare everyone into paying their fair share of the money it takes to blow arms and legs off enemy school children in the Mideast.


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