Piranha3D remake

12 August, 2010

Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams filming Take This Waltz

Yes, this is a remake. But it is a remake of a film that has not only already been remade (in the ’90s for Showtime starring Punky Brewster and the Greatest American Hero), but was, itself, originally just a Jaws knockoff. Better yet, a Jaws knockoff produced by reigning king of camp Roger Corman, written by none other than John Sayles, and directed by Joe Dante. It is a classic to be sure, but a camp classic that nobody minds being remade. In fact, it is exactly the type of film many critics appreciate being remade. It is spectacle. Cheap, wonderful, lizard-brained spectacle. The Weinstein Co. screened a little over 10 minutes of unfinished footage from the forthcoming 3D remake of Roger Corman’s 1978 cult classic. Piranha 3D opens August 20.

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