Black Swan may have inadvertently saved Blue Valentine

10 December, 2010

Michelle Williams Natalie Portman

Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman

Blue Valentine will hit U.S theaters on December 31. Optimum Releasing has taken UK rights from The Weinstein Company for Blue Valentine, and will co-distribute the film with TWC. The UK release date is set for Jan 21, 2011. Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan may have inadvertently saved the upcoming Derek Cianfrance flick, Blue Valentine, from box office disaster. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play characters that get drunk and their problems intensify when he wants to have sex and she doesn’t, but will to get him off her back. That hurts his pride and the result is an upsetting scene that makes you squirm, (there is a split-second of full-backal Gosling, and as often happens in independent films, Michelle Williams is simultaneously despairing and topless), but is an honest one that establishes clearly that this couple has nothing left and isn’t going to make it because love has turned into contempt. “You want hot cunnilingus? Go see Black Swan.” Stephen Garrett

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