We need one popular NC-17

23 December, 2010

Michelle Williams Nightline

Michelle Williams Nightline


Twenty years after introducing the designation, first given to “Henry and June” as a solution to the stigma of the X, the NC-17 is still regarded as a box-office buzzkill. There’s a longtime perception that exhibs won’t screen an NC-17 film and that advertisers deny such pics ad space. Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” in 2007 was one of the few recent cases where a distributor accepted that rating rather than making cuts. The National Assn. of Theater Owners polled 100 exhibitors to see how many would refuse to screen the movie, and only five said they would not. The Focus Features title went on gross to just under $5 million domestically. Ratings board chair Joan Graves admits moviegoers have a skewed perception of the NC-17 rating. “I do regret that it’s treated as the pariah of the ratings system,” she says. “All we need is one popular NC-17 rating to take that scent away.”

The Weinstein Company is moving up the release of Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling-starring Blue Valentine two days to Wednesday, December 29, reports deadline, to get a two-day head start on the New Year’s holiday weekend. Blue Valentine will open on one screen in New York and Los Angeles, with another theater added in New York on December 31, before expanding into 10 markets on January 7.


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