Adrienne Martin was taking Trazadone

4 January, 2011

Gussie and Adrienne

Gussie and Adrienne

Kevin J. Martin, 45, an osteopathic physician said that it was Busch who told him Adrienne was taking the Trazodone, and that he “was surprised” because he discovered she had a heart condition — Long QT syndrome — in a test he administered in 2002. The syndrome can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats. Trazodone is a prescription drug used to treat depression but also sometimes used to treat insomnia, according to the National Institutes of Health.
Kevin Martin said when someone has a heart condition, “you can’t take Trazodone.” A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is licensed to prescribe and perform all diagnostic tests and is trained in manual medicine to treat all parts of the body from head to toe. Osteopathic physicians are permitted to prescribe controlled substances. Busch filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Kathryn Thatcher, on November 26, 2008 following the merger of Anheuser Busch and InBev on November 18. Busch, 44, was named president and CEO of Anheuser Busch in December of 2006. Fortune suggested that marriage to the Boston College graduate may have been a condition of Busch’s appointment to the position while his father, chairman August Busch III, and the board of directors controlled the company.

Thatcher Wedding 2006

Thatcher Wedding 2006


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