DSK has a billionaire wife? or not?

27 May, 2011

Anne Sinclair leaves 71 Broadway

Anne Sinclair leaves 71 Broadway

Anne Sinclair's Blog

Anne Sinclair's Blog

DSK is estimated to only be worth $2 million on his own, but his wife is wealthy. She is granddaughter of legendary art dealer Paul Rosenberg. His daughter, Micheline, and her husband, Joseph-Robert Schwartz, came to New York, where Anne was born in 1948. (Her father changed the family’s surname to Sinclair in 1949.)she was born Anne-Élise Schwartz. . From Mr. Rosenberg, one of Picasso’s early champions, the family inherited part of a collection of paintings worth many millions of dollars. Just one Matisse, “L’Odalisque, Harmonie Bleue,” was sold in 2007 at Christie’s for $33.6 million. Built off her grandfather’s business repping artistic titans like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Georges Braque, she’s worth an estimated $1 billion. Anne Sinclair was the only heir of her mother, who died in 2006, and the art collection that she inherited has been estimated to be worth several tens of millions of euros. However, no one knows the extent of it, or even where the art is held, with rumors floating that the paintings are divided between locations in the U.S. in France, or that they are held in Switzerland, Italy, or Russia.

But. says Forbes
So, is Sinclair a billionaire? No, but she sure is rich. Her art collection, plus sales of her grandfather’s most valuable works, look to be worth between $100 million and $200 million. The couple’s residences tack on another $15 million — a rounding error when looking at candidates for Forbes rich lists, but handy when coming up with a bond guarantee for an alleged sex criminal husband.


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