DSK: admits to police he tried to kiss Tristane

16 September, 2011

Tristane Banon

Tristane Banon

Sept. 12 hearing by the judicial police in Paris following the complaint of Tristan Banon for attempted rape, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has delivered, according to information from LEXPRESS.fr, an unpublished story that marks a turning point in this case .

According to him, during the interview with the journalist in February 2003, he tried to kiss her thinking she was consenting. Tristane Banon would then rejected.. DSK would not have insisted and the young woman left, he said, quite normally.

More surprising: DSK version differs also from advanced in the book of his biographer “official”, the journalist Michel Taubmann. , Taubman writes in effect: “When I say the name of Tristan Banon, the tone becomes more serious. DSK completely denies the story of the young writer and states in substance “This is completely wrong! The scene she describes is imaginary.The meeting was properly and at its end, I had a phone call to Michael Field to grant him an interview in his turn. When I learned that she accused me of assault, I was amazed. ”

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