Lizzie Olsen opens in horror film — not 4M, another one

25 October, 2011

Silent House opens March 9

Silent House opens March 9

Open Road and Liddell Entertainment wisely waited for Fox Searchlight to spend their marketing and PR energy to promote Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene before scheduling the opening of their own Sundance Olsen-starrer, Silent House, for March 9. Impeccably choreographed, if too often to ogle Olsen’s ample cleavage, Suffice it to say that Sarah’s camisole turns crimson in a couple of places, the house is visited by two other creepy figures, and the ending throws all that has preceded it into a new and rather ugly light. Kentis and Lau get mildly Hitchcockian with popping flashbulbs out of “Rear Window” and at least one “Rope”-style trick to disguise an edit, but “Silent House” mainly leans on its Uruguayan predecessor, give or take the final minutes of “REC” and “The Blair Witch Project.”

2012 is also slated to see Ms. Olsen in the thriller Red Lights (co-starring Robert De Niro); Liberal Arts with Zac Efron and Richard Jenkins; and Very Good Girls, about two best friends (Olsen and Dakota Fanning) who vow to lose their virginity and end up falling for the same guy. (Trivia alert: the two actresses attended the same California high school, though they graduated in different years.) “What I love about [Very Good Girls] is that it feels so real,” says Olsen. “It shows the love of two girls and how they’re family. And it’s about the time when you figure out why it’s important to be honest.”


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