1953 Short Creek AZ raid

1953 Short Creek AZ raid

Colorado City and Hildale redesignated as Zion

Colorado City and Hildale redesignated as Zion

Members of the Utah State Legislature received apocalyptic revelations from imprisoned FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.The revelations have been arriving in lawmakers’ mailboxes all week.
Lawmakers did not feel threatened by the mailings, which are believed to have been sent by Jeffs’ followers, but did term them “interesting.”

“The Hildale-Colorado City area has opened up considerably, looking to improve its relationship with the outside world while retaining its unique religious culture. Economic expansion in Colorado City and in other group holdings has accelerated with the development of cabinet making, commercial landscaping, chicken and egg farming, candy making, and other businesses. Innovative public school financing and aggressive expansion of public services continues under both church and civic sponsorship. Internal conflict in the UEP remains, but the Short Creek community seems clearly here to stay.”
official Utah site
More than a dozen churchmen were imprisoned for taking teenage brides, after 2002
Most of the town’s homes, businesses and properties, once held by a church-controlled trust, are now overseen by a court-appointed fiduciary.

A half-dozen local police officers were stripped of law-enforcement authority because they pledged allegiance to the church rather than to the law.

Public schools, once operated by an FLDS board, were taken over by the state.

Turmoil even reached inside the clandestine church: Jeffs at one point renounced himself as a prophet, then abruptly reassumed the mantle. Scores of former FLDS elders have been excommunicated, stripped of wives and banished from their homes.

Yet amid all the change, the twin towns of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, remain a sanctuary for plural marriages, celebrated by the FLDS as a key to eternal salvation. Jeffs continues to issue edicts from behind bars. Women still wear ankle-length dresses in a place that seems frozen in the early 1900s.

In the wake of the Texas raid, former FLDS members say Jeffs redesignated Colorado City and Hildale as Zion, and the faithful began coming home to the FLDS cradle.here Observers were skeptical law enforcement would again prosecute followers in Hildale and Colorado City.
The gargantuan metal prophet is being constructed in seven pieces in a clandestine warehouse whose windows have been papered over in San Angelo, Texas, where Jeffs’ trial was held, according to the source.

Jeffs himself once ordered a granite stone dedicated to another prophet pulverized. The stone was a modest three-foot hand-made monument commemorating Leroy “Uncle Roy” Johnson, who led the FLDS for some 40 years before Jeffs and his father took over.

Warren Jeffs regained control of his polygamous church on August 3 after a four-month internal struggle for the presidency of the corporations that comprise the entity. Although convicted, Jeffs would still be recognized by Utah commerce officials as the legal representative of the FLDS church unless a court directs the agency otherwise, Bolton said. The development came on the deadline set by the Utah Department of Commerce for both sides to provide a resolution, or a court order settling the dispute.

Commerce spokeswoman Jennifer Bolton the department hadn’t received any new filings, so the agency would now recognize Jeffs again as the corporation president. Two legal entities form the church – the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, which holds business and property assets, and the Corporation of the President, a separate entity embodied by the faith’s religious leader who is considered a prophet. here

Xena Zahau, with older sister Rebecca

Xena Zahau, with older sister Rebecca

Nina Romana, Sister of Dina

Nina Romana, Sister of Dina

Pathologist Cyril Wecht disputed the original postmortem, saying that he found evidence of blunt trauma to Zahau’s head, which could have been caused by an attacker The San Diego County Medical Examiner interpreted the head injuries differently, saying that they were “relatively minor.
[November 11]The twin sister of Jonah Shacknai’s ex-wife was at the mansion in the hours leading up to her death. Xena Zahau, younger sister, was in the shower at the time of Max’s accident

Nina Romano, whose sister was married to Miss Zahau’s Billionaire boyfriend before they divorced several years ago, said she went to the house in San Diego to get answers about six-year-old Max’s death.
Nina Romano was the last person to text Miss Zahau, asking if she could come over. Miss Zahau did not reply.
She was staying at her sister’s house, which is in close proximity to the mansion.

Miss Zahau and her teenage sister Xena were the only people at home at the time of Max’s accident.

Police contend that Rebecca was in the bathroom at the time of Max’s accident, and that Xena was in the shower.

Mr Shacknai has two children with his first wife, Kimberly. Max was his only child with his second wife, Dina, whom he divorced in 2008.
Adam Shacknai, the younger brother of pharmaceuticals tycoon Jonah Shacknai, flew to Coronado following the accident of Jonah’s 6-year-old son, Max. He was also in the house. Adam Shacknai was given a lie detector test, inconclusive to some, but will not be given another.

Homicide Chief Nesbit, since May

Homicide Chief Nesbit, since May

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

The Weinstein Company (TWC) acquired U.S. distribution rights, along with Pan Asian TV rights, to Paul Andrew Williams’ feature film SONG FOR MARION starring Terence Stamp
Shot in England’s County Durham with great support from the community, SONG FOR MARION is a London-set comedic drama, about grumpy pensioner Arthur (Terence Stamp) who is reluctantly inspired by his beloved wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) to join a highly unconventional local choir.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn at his high point

Dominique Strauss-Kahn at his high point

How far will the “case of Carlton”? Testimony and listening to which L’Express had access in any case reveal the incredible 2009-2011 calendar of the former IMF chief. Mingling between his public duties, for private appointments with friends and Lille escort “girls” priced.

The ” business of Carlton “rolled over into another dimension. Parts of a dark history of prostitution and combining notable Lille prostitutes, investigations of three judges, backed by the police reveal a scandal unprecedented in France, at the confluence of “networks Freemasons, freethinkers and political” under the terms of judges in order. Even the antics of certain elected officials of the Fourth Republic seem bland in comparison to the supply system call girls set up to meet the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Reportedly intersected, tapping and other text messages whose expression is aware, these fine particles have nothing to envy the ” bunga bunga “Italian Silvio Berlusconi.Libertine parties under the guise of a group, which included a senior police officer and two entrepreneurs, acknowledged “imported” prostitutes out of “bawdy house” of Belgium.

M., Bea, Jade and the others detailed to investigators, the sexual behavior of DSK , throwing some light on his thought relations with women. These meetings, they retain memories mixed. One of them describes a “caring man”, when another denounces brutality. The latter testimony could weaken its position in the United States, where Nafissatou Diallo, the maid at the Sofitel New York who accused him of rape, the still continuing in the civil courts after being dismissed criminal.

Previously, the former Socialist leader will meet another appointment court in Lille, where investigators want to hear. He himself has also asked to explain to end what his lawyers, my Frederique Baulieu and Henri Leclerc, equate to a “media lynching”. It remains to be seen whether it will be called as a witness (in France, the clients of prostitutes are not prosecuted) or whether it will be indicted for procuring, or for the misuse of corporate assets, to the extent costs of these evenings were supported by various companies.
A situation “unhealthy” and “highly touted”

This is a Google translation. Because of the length, it is continued alternating in French and English.
Face aux révélations de la presse, Mes Frédérique Baulieu et Henri Leclerc, les avocats de Dominique Strauss-Kahn demandent, dans un communiqué rendu public le 11 novembre, à ce que leur client soit entendu au plus vite par les magistrats instructeurs. Faced with the revelations of the press, and Baulieu My Frédérique Henri Leclerc, lawyers ask Dominique Strauss-Kahn said in a statement released Nov. 11, that their client be heard as soon as possible by the magistrates.
“Dès le 9 octobre, lorsque son nom est apparu dans l’affaire dite du Carlton, Dominique Strauss-Kahn a déclaré qu’il demandait à être entendu le plus rapidement possible par les juges chargés de l’information judiciaire afin de mettre fin aux insinuations et extrapolations hasardeuses et malveillantes qui se répandaient. “From October 9, when his name appeared in the case known as the Carlton, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he wanted to be heard as soon as possible by the judges in the judicial order to stop innuendo and extrapolations risky and malicious spread.
Depuis un mois, il n’a pas été entendu. For a month, it was not heard. Pendant ce temps, un véritable lynchage médiatique n’a cessé de s’amplifier, alimenté par des informations puisées dans des procès-verbaux et des pièces du dossier communiqués en temps réel à la presse et d’évidence soigneusement sélectionnés avec partialité. Meanwhile, a true media lynching has continued to grow, fueled by information taken from the minutes and the documents communicated in real time to the press and carefully selected evidence with bias. Ces “révélations” ne peuvent avoir pour origine que certains de ceux qui ont accès immédiatement et par profession à la procédure. These “revelations” can be caused by some of those who have immediate access and occupation in the proceedings.
Dans le même temps, on se refuse à interroger celui qui est ainsi mis en cause publiquement sans lui donner la possibilité de se défendre en étant exactement informé de ce dont on le soupçonnerait et dont certains l’accusent déjà. At the same time, we refuse to question and one that is called into question publicly without giving him the opportunity to defend themselves by being aware of exactly what we suspect some of whom accuse him already. Une telle situation dont chacun peut percevoir à quel point elle est à la fois malsaine, racoleuse, et non dépourvue d’arrière-pensées politiques ne saurait perdurer. Such a situation in which everyone can perceive how it is both unhealthy, highly touted, not devoid of ulterior political motives can not continue.
Mis en cause par une campagne publique fondée sur une procédure judiciaire, Dominique Strauss-Kahn affirme à nouveau qu’il est prêt à s’expliquer, non devant un incertain tribunal de l’opinion, mais devant ceux qui conduisent l’enquête judiciaire et demande à nouveau à être entendu le plus rapidement possible” Challenged by a public campaign based on a judicial proceeding, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said again that he is ready to explain, not uncertain before a court of public opinion, but to those who lead the judicial inquiry and reiterates its request to be heard as soon as possible ”
Dans un deuxième communiqué, transmis à l’Agence France presse (AFP), le 14 novembre, les conseils de Dominique Strauss-Kahn annoncent leur intention de “saisir la justice” pour faire “cesser ou condamner” toute atteinte au “secret de l’instruction”, à “la présomption d’innocence” et à leur “vie privée”. In a second statement, sent to the Agence France Press (AFP), November 14, the advice of Dominique Strauss-Kahn announced their intention to “go to court” to “stop or condemn” any violation of the “secret of instruction “to” the presumption of innocence “and their” private life “.

En attendant, cette enquête permet, par son extrême précision, de croiser l’agenda privé et les activités publiques de DSK. Meanwhile, the survey allows for extreme precision, cross calendar private and public activities of DSK. Au fil du temps, de 2009 à 2011, le scénario d’une étonnante double vie se dessine, soulignant l’inconséquence d’un homme politique surdoué mais gouverné par ses sens. Over the years, from 2009 to 2011, the scenario of an amazing double life takes shape, noting the inconsistency of a gifted politician, but ruled by his senses. Et finalement perdu par ses pulsions. And finally lost his impulses.

Février 2009 – Paris un Incident à L’Aventure February 2009 – an incident in Paris Adventure

En ce début d’année 2009, DSK est à Paris, où il doit participer au Forum mondial sur la concurrence, programmé par l’OCDE du 19 au 20 février. In early 2009, DSK is in Paris, where he will attend the Global Forum on Competition, scheduled by the OECD of 19 to 20 February. Profitant de ce séjour, il enchaîne les rendez-vous politiques et médiatiques. Taking advantage of his stay, he connects the political events and media. Ainsi, le 17 février, il est l’invité de France Inter, où l’humoriste Stéphane Guillon raille son appétit sexuel , ce qui provoque sa colère à l’antenne. Thus, on February 17, he was invited to France Inter, where the comedian Stéphane Guillon mocks his sexual appetite , which causes his anger on the air. Le même jour, L’Express révèle l’existence d’une lettre où Piroska Nagy, fonctionnaire hongroise du FMI avec laquelle il a eu une liaison, écrit: “Je crains que cet homme n’ait un problème qui, peut-être, le rend peu apte à diriger une organisation où travailleraient des femmes.” The same day, The Express reveals the existence of a letter which Piroska Nagy, Hungarian IMF official with whom he had an affair, writes: “I fear that this man has a problem, perhaps, makes it unsuited to lead an organization staffed by women. ”

Le jeudi 19, après son discours à l’OCDE sur “les leçons de la crise pour la politique macroéconomique”, DSK change d’auditoire: à l’heure du déjeuner, le voici à l’ Aventure, un restaurant du quartier de la place de l’Etoile . Thursday 19, after his speech at the OECD on “the lessons of the crisis for macroeconomic policy,” DSK change audience: at lunch time, here at the Adventure, a restaurant in the area of Place de l’Etoile . Parmi les convives, nul économiste, mais quelques amis et leurs “accompagnatrices”. Among the guests, no economist, but some friends and their “escorts”. Un militant socialiste du Pas-de-Calais, Fabrice Paszkowski, joue les entremetteurs. A socialist activist in the Pas-de-Calais, Fabrice Paszkowski, playing matchmaker. Patron d’une société de matériel médical, il connaît DSK depuis cinq ans. Owner of a medical equipment company, he knows DSK five years. Ce jour-là, il est accompagné d’un ami, David Roquet, patron d’une société spécialisée dans la pose de revêtements routiers (Enrobés du Nord), et du commissaire divisionnaire, chef de la sûreté départementale à Lille, Jean-Christophe Lagarde. That day, it is accompanied by a friend, David Roquet, boss of a company specializing in the installation of road surfaces (North Coated), and the Divisional Commissioner, Departmental Head of Security in Lille, Jean-Christophe Lagarde. Le trio n’est pas venu seul: au moins deux prostituées, débarquées de Belgique, sont du voyage. The trio did not come alone: ​​at least two prostitutes, landed in Belgium, is the journey. Une salle fermée du restaurant protège les ébats des convives… A closed room of the restaurant protects the antics of the guests … Selon plusieurs témoignages, le patron du FMI se montre plutôt entreprenant, jusque dans les toilettes. According to several accounts, the boss of the IMF is more enterprising, even in the toilet. Son attitude choque même l’une des jeunes femmes, Béa, la compagne d’un proxénète français installé en Belgique, Dominique Alderweireld, alias “Dodo la Saumure” ( lire son interview ) . His attitude offends even one of the young women, Bea, the companion of a pimp French living in Belgium, Dominique Alderweireld, alias “Dodo Brine” (read his interview) .

Mai 2009 – Vienne (Autriche) La tournée des “boîtes” May 2009 – Vienna (Austria) The tour of “boxes”

Le patron du FMI jongle avec son emploi du temps, il orchestre sa vie de “libertin” en fonction de ses obligations publiques. The IMF chief juggles his schedule, he orchestrates his life of “libertine” according to his public duties. Il dispose pour cela d’une hot line, un téléphone portable fourni par Paszkowski. It has to do is a hot line, a cell phone provided by Paszkowski. Les SMS retrouvés par la police trahissent un sens aigu de l’organisation. The SMS found by the police reveal a keen sense of organization. Ainsi, le 21 avril 2009, DSK écrit à son compère: “J’emmène une petite faire les boîtes de Vienne le jeudi 14 mai. Ça te dit de venir avec une demoiselle ?” Thus, April 21, 2009, DSK wrote his friend: “I take a small box to the Vienna Thursday, May 14 It tells you to come with a young lady?” De fait, DSK passe bien quarante-huit heures dans la capitale autrichienne. In fact, DSK going good forty-eight hours in the Austrian capital. Au menu officiel: une très sérieuse conférence à la Banque centrale. Official menu: a very serious conference in the Central Bank. A l’issue du séjour, il déclare à la presse: “Il n’y aura pas de reprise tant que les banques n’auront pas remis de l’ordre dans leurs affaires.” After the visit, he told the press: “There will be no recovery until the banks have not recovered from their house in order.”

Janvier 2010 – Washington Les “copines” débarquent January 2010 – The Washington “girlfriends” land

Au début de 2010, les textos fusent par-delà l’Atlantique pour préparer l’arrivée d’une délégation d’un genre particulier. In early 2010, texting fuse across the Atlantic to prepare for the arrival of a delegation of a particular kind. Le 7 janvier, DSK s’impatiente. On January 7, DSK impatient. Il demande par SMS à son ami Paszkowski: “Tu arrives et repars quand exactement? En dehors de la délégation, des copines?” He asks his friend by SMS Paszkowski: “You come and go back when? Apart from the delegation of girlfriends?” Puis, le 23 janvier, à minuit: “Alors, qui auras-tu dans tes bagages?” Then, on January 23 at midnight: “So who will you have in your luggage?”

Suit cet échange: “Sylvie, toujours compliqué. Jade, Catherine, certain. Pour la petite nouvelle, elle a envie de te voir, mais en France dans un premier temps… Une soirée belge m’est aussi beaucoup demandée avec new couple.” Following this exchange: “Sylvie, always complicated. Jade, Catherine, for sure. Just for the news, she wants to see you, but in France at first … A Belgian evening I asked a lot with new couple . ”

Alors qu’il doit participer, deux jours plus tard, au Forum économique mondial de Davos (Suisse), le patron du FMI attend la petite troupe pour le 25 janvier. While it must be involved, two days later, the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), the head of the IMF expects the little party for Jan. 25. Au dernier moment, l’un des invités est privé de ce déplacement: à Paris, David Roquet est refoulé, faute de passeport valide. At the last moment one of the guests is deprived of this shift: in Paris, David Roquet is repressed in the absence of valid passport.

Fabrice Paszkowski débarque, lui, avec une certaine Jade, présentée comme sa collaboratrice. Fabrice Paszkowski arrived, he, with some Jade, presented as his assistant. Le commissaire Lagarde fait également partie du voyage, de même que Jacques Mellick, fils de l’ex-maire de Béthune (également prénommé Jacques) et membre de l’association A gauche, en Europe, à Lille. Commissioner Lagarde is also part of the trip, as well as Jacques Mellick, son of the former mayor of Bethune (also named Jacques) and member of the association left in Europe in Lille. Pour le policier, le programme est clair: il s’agit d’un “voyage de travail” avec DSK, suivi d’une “soirée libertine”. For the police, the program is clear: it is a “working visit” with DSK, followed by a “libertine evening.”

La délégation loge dans “un hôtel magnifique, idéalement placé”, le W, voisin de la Maison-Blanche. The delegation is housed in “a magnificent hotel, ideally located,” the W, near the White House. Mais Lagarde joue de déveine: il ne peut pas se joindre aux réjouissances. But Lagarde played bad luck: he can not join the festivities. “Je n’ai pas participé, car j’avais mal au dos”, avouera-t-il plus tard aux enquêteurs. “I did not participate because I had a bad back,” he confessed later to investigators. Quant à “Jade”, elle aurait passé la soirée avec le patron du FMI, avant de se faire photographier avec lui, le lendemain, dans son bureau. As for “Jade”, she would have spent the evening with the IMF chief, before being photographed with him the next day in his office.

Printemps 2010 – Paris “Petite soirée” au Murano Spring 2010 – Paris “small party” at Murano

DSK a fait de l’hôtel Murano, situé près de la place de la République, l’épicentre de ses plaisirs parisiens. DSK has made the Hotel Murano, near the Republic Square, the epicenter of Parisian pleasures. Ils sont parfois une douzaine à se presser dans ces “transports en commun”, selon le bon mot d’un avocat. They are sometimes a dozen to hurry in these “transit,” the right word of counsel. Devant les policiers qui l’entendent en octobre dernier, M., l’une des prostituées lilloises, témoigne de ce qui s’est passé ce soir-là, à l’invitation de David Roquet: “[Ce dernier] m’a dit qu’il était un ami de DSK et, qu’avec lui, il avait prévu d’organiser une soirée dans un hôtel à Paris et qu’il fallait être très discret. Il m’a expliqué que l’on devait être quatre filles. Il y aurait un buffet et chacune des filles aurait une relation sexuelle avec DSK.” In front of the police who hear it last October, Mr., one of the prostitutes Lille, shows what happened that night, at the invitation of David Pug: “[This] I said he was a friend of DSK and, with him, he had planned to organize an evening in a hotel in Paris and had to be very discreet. He explained that there should be four girls. There would be a buffet and each girl would have sex with DSK. ” D’habitude, dit-elle, ce genre de soirée est rémunéré 1500 euros. Usually, she says, that kind of evening is paid 1500 euros.

Après une heure de TGV en compagnie de Roquet et de deux inconnus, M. débarque au Murano. After an hour in the company of TGV Pug and two strangers, he arrives at Murano. “Après avoir bu un verre au bar, David m’a fait monter avec ses deux amis” dans un duplex avec piscine, où un buffet avait été dressé. “After a drink at the bar, David put me with his two friends” in a duplex with swimming pool, where a buffet had been prepared. “Puis il ya eu deux filles, une brune et une blonde, qui sont arrivées à l’appartement. Elles m’ont dit qu’elles venaient du nord de la France.” “Then there were two girls, a brunette and a blonde, who arrived at the apartment. They told me they were from the north of France.” Se présente une autre femme, apparemment d’origine algérienne. This is another woman, apparently of Algerian origin. “DSK est arrivé, poursuit M.. Il est allé prendre une douche avec la Maghrébine. Ils sont ensuite revenus en peignoir. Nous avons mangé. Ensuite, j’ai eu des rapports sexuels complets avec DSK dans le duplex. Je me souviens qu’il s’agissait de rapports brutaux avec sodomie. Il ne m’a pas violentée, mais on sentait qu’il aimait les rapports de force. Pendant ce temps, il ya eu également des rapports avec les deux autres hommes, dont je ne connais pas le nom.” “DSK has arrived, says Dr.. He went to take a shower with the Maghreb. They then returned in a bathrobe. We ate. Then I had sex with DSK in full duplex. I remember that it was brutal relationships with sodomy. I have not abused, but one felt that he liked the balance of power. Meanwhile, there was also dealing with two other men, which I not know the name. ” Dans le taxi de retour vers la gare du Nord, peu avant 23 heures, David Roquet lui aurait remis une enveloppe contenant seulement 900 euros… In the taxi back to the Gare du Nord, just before 23 hours, David would have given a Pug envelope containing only 900 euros … Pour justifier la différence avec le tarif promis, il aurait argué, déçu, que c’était une “petite soirée”. To justify the price difference with the promise, he would have argued, disappointed, it was a “little party”.

Décembre 2010 – Washington Deux jolies “assistantes” December 2010 – Washington Two pretty “assistants”
In spring 2010, David Roquet, director of a subsidiary of Eiffage, Lille brought prostitutes to the hotel Murano, the epicenter of Parisian pleasures of DSK.

Au printemps 2010, David Roquet, dirigeant d’une filiale d’Eiffage, fait venir des prostituées lilloises à l’hôtel Murano, épicentre des plaisirs parisiens de DSK. In spring 2010, David Roquet, director of a subsidiary of Eiffage, Lille brought prostitutes to the hotel Murano, the epicenter of Parisian pleasures of DSK.


Le 14 décembre 2010, DSK effectue un voyage officiel au Mexique puis rentre à Washington, où l’attend un programme chargé, à commencer par la gestion de la crise grecque et l’attribution d’un prêt de 22,5 milliards d’euros à l’Irlande. On December 14, 2010, DSK makes an official visit to Mexico and then returned to Washington where awaits a busy schedule, starting with the Greek crisis management and assignment of a loan of 22.5 billion euros to Ireland. Cette séquence officielle se double, en coulisses, de rendez-vous particuliers. This sequence is double official behind the scenes special appointment. Le 15 décembre, par un froid glacial (- 6°C), mais sous un beau soleil, se présente à Washington une joyeuse troupe française. On 15 December, freezing cold (- 6 ° C), but under a bright sun, comes to Washington a cheerful French troops. Les inséparables Roquet, Paszkowski et Lagarde sont escortés par deux jeunes filles, yeux clairs et cheveux bouclés, Estelle et Marion, présentées comme secrétaires de la société Enrobés du Nord. The inseparable Roquet, Paszkowski and Lagarde are escorted by two young girls, blue eyes and curly hair, and Marion Estelle, presented as secretaries of the company Coated North. Avec eux, également, le supérieur du commissaire Lagarde, Jean-Claude Menault, patron de la sécurité publique du département du Nord. With them, too, the higher the Commissioner Lagarde, Jean-Claude Menault, head of public security department of the North.

Ce policier effectue discrètement le voyage afin d’évoquer les problèmes de sécurité avec le futur candidat du PS à la primaire. The police quietly performs the journey in order to discuss security issues with the future of the PS candidate in the primary. D’ailleurs, le lendemain, il a l’occasion d’aborder ce sujet lors d’un long déjeuner avec DSK. Moreover, the next day, he had the opportunity to address this issue during a long lunch with DSK. Mais, le soir, après le dîner, l’ambiance change du tout au tout. But in the evening after dinner, the atmosphere changes completely everything. Dans leur chambre de l’hôtel W, les soi-disant assistantes se mettent à l’aise en présence des hommes. In their hotel room W, the so-called assistants began to ease in the presence of men. Selon Jean-Claude Lagarde, son supérieur, “gêné”, est sorti quand elles ont commencé à se déshabiller: “Il a dit que ce n’était pas son truc.” According to Jean-Claude Lagarde, his superior, “embarrassed”, was released when they began to undress, “He said it was not his thing.” Sa présence au W, éventée par l’enquête, lui coûtera son poste: il prendra prochainement sa retraite. His presence at the W, fanned by the survey will cost him his job and he will soon retire.

2 février 2011 – Lille Une enquête pour proxénétisme February 2, 2011 – Lille A survey for pimping

Ce jour-là, à Lille, est lancée une enquête préliminaire pour proxénétisme en bande organisée. That day, in Lille, was launched a preliminary investigation for procuring an organized gang. “Selon plusieurs éléments recoupés”, écrivent les policiers, un réseau s’active dans la région. “Several elements intersected,” write the police, a network is activated in the region. Les enquêteurs visent notamment René Kojfer, personnage haut en couleur, responsable des relations publiques de l’hôtel Carlton. Investigators are particularly René Kojfer, colorful character, public relations manager of the Hotel Carlton. Ils épluchent les milliers de communications passées depuis son portable, ainsi que depuis celui de la call-girl M. (20 703 SMS émis et 10 763 reçus!). They peel the thousands of calls made from his cell, and from that of the call-girl Mr (20 703 10 763 SMS sent and received!). A ce stade, les policiers ignorent que leur enquête, ciblant des notables locaux (assureur, commerçant, avocat, conseiller municipal, fonctionnaires…), va les conduire à DSK. At this stage, police are unaware that their survey, targeting local leaders (insurance, merchant, lawyer, alderman, …), officials will lead to the DSK.

Certaines filles proviennent des “maisons de débauche” belges tenues par le fameux Dodo la Saumure, surnommé ainsi en référence à la substance permettant de conserver… Some girls come from the “bawdy houses” run by the famous Belgian Dodo brine, called in reference to the substance to keep … maquereaux et morues. mackerel and cod. Quand les policiers français demandent à leurs homologues belges des renseignements à son sujet, ceux-ci répondent que le réseau s’approvisionnerait notamment en Hongrie. When the French police ask their Belgian counterparts information about it, they respond that the network will source especially in Hungary. Les enquêteurs belges reprochent aussi à Dodo de se prévaloir d’appuis dans leurs rangs, ce qui a pour effet, écrivent-ils dans leur rapport, “d’effrayer les filles [et] d’entamer la crédibilité des services de police auprès de ces dames”. Belgian investigators also criticize Dodo to rely on support from their ranks, which has the effect, they wrote in their report, “to scare the girls [and] to undermine the credibility of the police to the ladies. ” “Mon client, qui ne connaît pas M. Strauss-Kahn, n’a rien à voir avec l’affaire dite du Carlton”, insiste aujourd’hui son avocat belge, Me Etienne Wery. “My client, who does not know Mr. Strauss-Kahn, has nothing to do with the affair known as Carlton,” insists today’s Belgian lawyer, Mr. Etienne Wery. “Il n’a d’ailleurs pas été entendu par la PJ française”, ajoute son conseil parisien, Me Sorin Margulis. “It has also not been heard by the PJ French,” said its board in Paris, Mr. Sorin Margulis.

Mai 2011 – Washington Dernière nuit au W May 2011 – Last night at Washington W
En ce moment dans les kiosques Right now on newsstands
L’Express n°3150 The Express No. 3150

Le 11 mai, alors qu’en France la polémique enfle sur son train de vie, DSK reçoit ses amis lillois à Washington. May 11, while in France the controversy swells on his lifestyle, his friends DSK receives Lille in Washington. Le lendemain, une soirée échangiste est organisée à l’hôtel W. Florence, une call-girl proche du commissaire Lagarde , y participe. The next day, a swinger party is held at the W Hotel Florence, a call girl near the Commissioner Lagarde , is involved. Interrogée par les policiers, elle décrira DSK comme un homme “très attentionné avec les femmes”, “jamais violent”. Questioned by police, she described DSK as a man “very attentive to women”, “not violent”. Selon elle, le patron du FMI se serait plaint du “puritanisme hypocrite des Américains”. She said the IMF chief had complained of the “hypocritical puritanism of Americans.” C’est pourquoi, à l’entendre, il était “content de nous voir, nous, Français, qui assumons nos choix libertins”. Therefore, to hear, he was “happy to see us, we French libertines who carry out our choice.” Ce jour-là, “Flo” sera défrayée entre 1000 et 2000 euros, en espèces. On that day, “Flo” will be covered between 1000 and 2000 euros in cash. Le vendredi 13 mai, à midi, a lieu une ultime rencontre avec DSK. On Friday, May 13, at noon, held a final meeting with DSK. David Roquet, également présent, note la présence d’une Américaine, blonde, parlant français, car ayant fait ses études à Bruxelles. David Roquet, also present, note the presence of an American, blonde, speaking French, because who studied in Brussels. Le soir, les convives se quittent. In the evening, the guests leave. DSK part pour le Sofitel de New York et sa fameuse suite 2806… DSK leaves for Sofitel New York and after his famous 2806 …

Mai 2011 – Lille Le choc de l’arrestation May 2011 – Lille The shock of the arrest

Le dimanche 15 mai, le monde entier apprend l’arrestation du patron du FMI, accusé de viol par une employée du Sofitel. On Sunday, May 15, the world learned of the arrest IMF chief accused of rape by an employee of the Sofitel. Dans les bordels belges aussi, c’est la stupeur. Brothels in Belgium too, the stupor. Dodo la Saumure, que L’Express a pu interroger par le biais de son avocat, Me Margulis, se souvient surtout de l’attitude de son ami Kojfer, le collaborateur du Carlton de Lille: “René Kojfer, sortant de grosses libations, m’a téléphoné. Il se vantait de pouvoir mettre tout en oeuvre pour faire libérer DSK à New York. J’ai répondu qu’il se mette au Vittel fraise, lui qui n’avait jamais réussi à faire sauter un seul PV!” Dodo brine, as the Express was able to interview through his lawyer, Mr. Margulis, best remembered for his friend’s attitude Kojfer, the associate of Carlton Lille: “René Kojfer, leaving large libations, m ‘phoned. He boasted to be able to do everything possible to free DSK in New York. I said it starts at Vittel strawberry, he never managed to blow a single PV! ”

A la même époque, les policiers saisissent une autre conversation entre les deux hommes: At the same time, police seized another conversation between two men:

“(Dodo) “(Dodo)

– T’as vu Strauss-Kahn? – Did you see Strauss-Kahn?

(René) (Rene)

– J’suis au courant. – I’m aware of. J’ai vu l’commissaire qui v’nait, Lagarde, parce que c’est son pote. I saw the commissioner v’nait, Lagarde, because that’s his buddy. Et y était à Washington avec lui. And it was in Washington with him.

– C’est pas étonnant. – It is not surprising. Tu sais, quand j’avais ramené les filles. You know, when I brought the girls. Tu te souviens qu’il avait voulu b… You remember he had wanted to b. .. Béa dans les toilettes? Bea in the toilet?

– Ben, je sais, c’est un gros cochon…” – Ben, I know, it’s a big pig … ”

Un peu plus tard, René Kojfer appelle un autre ami, policier, prénommé Denis, un ancien de la brigade de répression du proxénétisme. A little later, René Kojfer called another friend, police officer, named Denis, a former brigade suppression of procuring.

“(René) “(Rene)

– Dis-moi, il ya un gros coup à faire. – Tell me there is a big deal to do. J’ai deux filles qui témoigneraient contre DSK. I have two daughters who would testify against DSK. L’avocat de Diallo, il cherche des témoins qui auraient été un peu bousculés. Diallo’s lawyer, he is looking for witnesses who would have been a little rushed.

(Denis, dubitatif) (Denis, doubtful)

– Ouais… – Yeah …

– Moi je pensais à Dodo. – I thought I Dodo. Les filles qu’il a ramenées. The girls he has reduced. Il ya peut-être un gros coup à toucher. There may be a big blow to the touch. Qu’est-ce que t’en penses? What do you think?

– Ouais. – Yeah. Après, il faut partir à l’étranger… Then you have to go abroad …

– Je vais lui faire un courrier comme quoi on est ok. – I’ll give him a letter as what we are ok.

– Non, moi j’ai une carrière à faire!” – No, I have a career to do! ”

Interrogé par L’Express sur ce surprenant échange, Me Christophe Snyckerte, l’avocat de Kojfer, assure qu’il faut “prendre tout cela au second degré, comme une plaisanterie de garçon de bains”. Interviewed by L’Express on this amazing exchange, Mr. Christophe Snyckerte, counsel for Kojfer, ensures that we must “take all in the second degree, as a joke boy bathroom.” “Mon client n’a jamais été proxénète”, assure-t-il. “My client has never been a pimp,” says he.

Du côté des prostituées aussi, les nouvelles en provenance de New York suscitent bien des commentaires, ce 15 mai 2011. As for prostitutes, too, the news from New York raise many comments, May 15, 2011. La PJ, qui enquête alors sur l’affaire lilloise, intercepte ainsi une conversation entre Béa, la compagne de Dodo, et une hôtesse d’un club belge, le Havana. The PJ, while investigating the matter Lille, and intercepts a conversation between Bea’s companion Dodo, and a host of Belgian club, the Havana. Ce dialogue, digne de Michel Audiard, porte sur l’épisode de l’Aventure, en 2009. This dialogue worthy of Michel Audiard, relates the story of Adventure in 2009.

“(L’hôtesse) J’ai regardé la télé. Ton copain Strauss-Kahn a été arrêté à New York […] Et Dominique [Dodo], qu’est-ce qu’il a dit? “(The host) I watched TV. Your Buddy Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York […] And Dominique [Dodo], what did he say?

(Béa) Ben… (Bea) … Ben On était dans la voiture quand on a entendu ça aux informations. It was in the car when we heard this information. J’ai dit que ça m’étonne pas avec qu’est-ce-qu’il avait fait dans les toilettes. I said it not surprise me with what he had done, in the toilet.

– Il l’avait fait avec toi dans les toilettes, hein? – He had it with you in the bathroom, right?

– Non. – No. Il m’a sauté dessus. He jumped on me. Mais moi, j’ai pas couché avec lui. But I have not slept with him. J’avais ramené une fille. I brought a girl. Mais j’ai dit: ça m’étonnerait pas du tout. But I said I’d be surprised at all. Mais c’est dommage pour lui, à un an des élections. But it’s a shame for him to one year of elections.

– Président, c’est fini. – Chairman, it’s over. Il sera président… He will be president … de la prison [rires].” the prison [laughs]. ”
The Hotel Carlton in Lille is the starting point for an investigation which, originally, was not DSK.

L’hôtel Carlton, à Lille, est le point de départ d’une enquête qui, à l’origine, ne visait pas DSK. The Hotel Carlton in Lille is the starting point for an investigation which, originally, was not DSK.


9 novembre 2011 – Le dossier reste à Lille November 9, 2011 – The file remains in Lille

Depuis le mois d’octobre, le torchon brûle entre le parquet de Lille, favorable à un dépaysement du dossier, et les trois juges Stéphanie Ausbart, Mathieu Vignau et Ida Chafaï, spécialiste de la délinquance financière. Since October, the Sparks Fly between the floor of Lille, in favor of a change of scenery folder, and the three judges Ausbart Stephanie, Matthew and Ida Vignau Chafe, a specialist in financial crime. Le 9 novembre, la Cour de cassation tranche: l’affaire continuera à être instruite dans le Nord . On 9 November, the Supreme Court phase: the case continue to be educated in the North . “Une victoire importante, qui va faire avancer l’enquête”, selon Me Frank Berton, avocat du directeur du Carlton. “An important victory that will advance the investigation,” according to Mr. Frank Berton, Counsel for the Director of Carlton.

D’ores et déjà, les magistrats s’attaquent au volet financier de l’affaire. Already, judges address the financial aspect of the case. Ils ont établi que trois sociétés réglaient les bons plaisirs de DSK. They found that three companies settled the good pleasure of DSK. Ainsi, pour le seul déplacement à Washington de décembre 2010, la société de Fabrice Paszkowski a pris à sa charge les billets d’avion et les chambres pour quatre personnes. Thus, for the only visit to Washington in December 2010, the company took Fabrice Paszkowski bear the airfare and rooms for four people. Total: 11 888 euros. Total: 11 888 euros. Quant à David Roquet, il passait la plupart de ces dépenses en notes de frais, inscrivant parfois “DSK” au dos des justificatifs pour sa société. Eiffage, la maison mère , aurait ainsi déboursé près de 50 000 euros entre 2009 et 2011. As for David Roquet, he spent most of the expenditures expense, scoring sometimes “DSK” on the back of documents for his company. Eiffage, the parent , and have spent close to 50 000 euros between 2009 and 2011. “Défaillance dans le contrôle des notes de frais”, selon le responsable du groupe de construction. “Failure to control expense,” the head of the construction group. “Au mieux, Eiffage a un mauvais comptable, au pis, ils sont au courant, dénonce Me Eric Dupond-Moretti, l’avocat de Roquet. La vertu survient avec la certitude que DSK ne sera pas président.” “At best, Eiffage has a bad book, at worst, they are aware, Mr. Eric Dupond-denounces Moretti, counsel for Pug. Virtue comes with the certainty that DSK will not be president.”

Les amis “libertins” de DSK ont-ils agi par simple amitié ou dans l’espoir d’un retour sur investissement? Friends “libertines” of DSK did they act by simple friendship in the hope of a return on investment? En cas de victoire en 2012, la sex machine DSK aurait pu se transformer, pour certains, en “cash machine”. In case of victory in 2012, the sex machine DSK could be transformed, for some, “cash machine”.
“Pleinement concentré sur son travail” “Fully focused on his work”

Certaines phrases anodines, prononcées avant les différentes affaires Strauss-Kahn, prennent aujourd’hui un relief particulier. Harmless phrases, spoken by the various business Strauss-Kahn, now take on particular importance. Ainsi, le 12 mai dernier, alors que la presse s’interroge sur le calendrier politique de DSK et l’annonce de sa candidature à la présidentielle de 2012, une porte-parole du FMI, Caroline Atkinson, assure devant les médias qu’il est “pleinement concentré sur son travail” de directeur général de l’organisation. Thus, on May 12, when the press questioned the political calendar of DSK and the announcement of his candidacy for president in 2012, an IMF spokeswoman Caroline Atkinson, provides to the media that is “fully focused on his work” Director General of the organization. Depuis, l’enquête lilloise a permis d’établir que, ce même jour du printemps 2011, Dominique Strauss-Kahn a participé à une soirée échangiste avec des ami(e)s français dans une chambre de l’hôtel W, palace proche de la Maison-Blanche, à Washington. Since the survey Lille has found that the same day of spring 2011, Dominique Strauss-Kahn attended a swingers party with friend (s) in a French hotel room W, close to palace the White House in Washington.

Ellen Barkin at 57

Ellen Barkin at 57

They just start to call you “the bitch ,” I am not only a maternal person but in some areas I am a very controlling one as well,

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

the couple DSK-Sinclair would think divorce. They speak without any taboo. “They think it is a certainty,” says a friend of the couple. Especially since the new incriminating evidence of DSK could have a significant impact on the civil trial lawyers want him bringing Nafissatou Diallo. . If convicted of DSK, it should pay a sum of money very important. Google translation
But Anne Sinclair has already seen thousands of euros fly during the trial in New York does not want to get hold portfolio.. “Anne has no desire to see her fortune go up in smoke,” said a close. “”If it must be resolved to cast off for protection, it will probably,” she whispered, adding that nothing has yet been launched.

[Novemeber 12]Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is currently preparing a book on all these cases. The book is expected in early 2012, probably in January.
[November 2]After l’affaire du Carlton blew up, Ms. Sinclair, a prominent former television journalist, left for her property at Sidi Mimoune Morocco, feeling “shame and disgust” over her husband’s behavior, according to the weekly Le Point. Ms. Sinclair says that an “earthquake” has hit her life, and that she is in the process of rethinking everything.
The entrance, flanked by two marble columns, leads to the first courtyard, bordered on both sides of apartments on one level.. This is the place reserved for guests. . The whole is embellished by a lush, shaded by a huge palm tree. . Beyond this space with a pool, you enter the house itself. The rooms and apartments of the couple are distributed on the ground floor and upstairs, on four sides around a second patio. . There, a central fountain, flowerbeds cypresses, orange trees, banana trees and roses bring freshness and pleasure. The unit is headed by a large pergola.
She will not be disturbed by new neighbors.The north wing of the property is bordered by a vast wasteland coveted by developers, as close to prestigious venues (Mamounia, mausoleum, etc.). But all projects are systematically denied. Overlooking this strange no man’s land, a covered balcony on the corner of the riad offers a breathtaking view of the minaret of the Koutoubia .

Yearning for Zion Ranch

Yearning for Zion Ranch

Warren Jeffs had been found guilty in Utah of rape by accomplice in 2007 – a conviction that was overturned last year by the Utah supreme court, which cited improper jury instructions by the trial judge.
“As a result of the conviction in Texas, we decided not to bring him back to Utah for a re-trial,” said Brian Filter, senior deputy attorney for Washington County.
[August 9]Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs has been sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting two underage followers. He stood quietly as the decision of the Texas jury was read August 9. He received the maximum sentence on both counts
Prosecutors seeking life in prison for convicted polygamist leader Warren Jeffs closed their case with a final barrage of graphic audiotapes, records of 24 alleged underage brides and writings that ordered followers to “fight to the death” when police eventually came for him.

The same jury that convicted Jeffs last week of sexually assaulting two of his child “brides” could now hand down their punishment early as Tuesday. Even in prison, he could continue to lead the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Among the final pieces of evidence was an audiotape of Jeffs having sex and one of him telling five girls to “set aside all your inhibitions” as he gives his child brides instructions on how to please him sexually.

Jeffs’ attorneys rested without calling any witnesses as the sentencing phase drew to a close. Jurors will begin deliberating August 8 following closing arguments.
A jury on August 4 convicted polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 12 and 15, whom he took as plural wives.

The West Texas panel of 10 women and two men deliberated about 3 1/2 hours before finding the 55-year-old man guilty of one count each of sexual assault of a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Jeffs stood to hear the verdict, stared directly at District Judge Barbara Walther, then sat back down.

The same jury that convicted him will now decide his sentence, which could be imprisonment for up to life.
During closing arguments just after noon today, Jeffs, head of the polygamy-sanctioning Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, stood silent before the jury for 24 minutes, gazing into space.

Then he said, “I am at peace,” and stood mute another five minutes before sitting down.

In his closing arguments earlier, Special Prosecutor Eric Nichols reminded jurors of the DNA evidence presented during the nine-day trial and the audio recording Nichols said was of Jeffs having sex with a 12-year-old girl.

State District Judge Barbara Walther gave instructions to the jury before the closing arguments. The jury began deliberating at 12:40 p.m.

Dan K. Webb is chairman of the Chicago law firm Winston & Strawn

Dan K. Webb is chairman of the Chicago law firm Winston & Strawn

meanwhile, across the water, The News of the World hired a specialist private investigator to run covert surveillance on two of the lawyers representing phone-hacking victims as part of an operation to put pressure on them to stop their work. A News International spokesperson said : “News International’s enquiries have led the company to believe that Mark Lewis and Charlotte Harris were subject to surveillance. While surveillance is not illegal, it was clearly deeply inappropriate in these circumstances. This action was not condoned by any current executive at the company.” here

Dan K. Webb of the law firm Winston & Strawn LLP sent to Anne Bremner, a lawyer working for the Rebecca Zahau family without fee, warning that “your false public statements constitute defamation, per se, and under law, entitle Mr. Shacknai to recover from you, and your law firm, substantial damages.”Dan K. Webb is the chairman of the Chicago law firm Winston & Strawn, and is widely considered one of the top trial attorneys in the United States. Effective immediately, the advocacy program at Loyola’s School of Law will be called the Dan K. Webb Center for Advocacy to honor his distinguished career, and to recognize his significant contributions to the School of Law, including a recent major financial commitment.”
Simultaneously, an unnamed source claimed Anne was working with a literary agent and “may commission” a true crime author to write a book about the case. “We’re not representing the book effort,” said Martin. “[Anne Bremner] asked me since she’s working pro bono if I would help her get the website up for family which I’ve done, and I’m helping to coordinate media requests.”

“What is most concerning are recent false public statements you have made that Mr. Shacknai, because of his business success, has somehow improperly influenced the investigations… You have further made public comments that these agencies have applied a different standard in conducting their investigations because of Mr. Shacknai’s wealth,” the letter said.

Webb called Bremner’s statements “highly insensitive on a human level. Mr. Shacknai and his family have suffered two tragic losses under the harsh and unkind glare of a national media frenzy you have now helped sustain.”

“I haven’t said anything about his wealth nor have I said anything that could be considered false or defamatory … We are simply seeking the truth and justice.” A police investigation determined Zahau’s death was a suicide, but her family has hired lawyer Anne Bremner who has raised questions about the death and has pressed police to reopen the case.

Loudoun Virginia Republican email masthead

Loudoun Virginia Republican email masthead

The e-mail, sent a week before local and state elections, invites supporters to a Halloween parade. “LCRC members and Republican candidates: We are going to vanquish the zombies with clear thinking conservative principles and a truckload of Republican candy. . . . It’s fun and a great way to represent our candidates to a ton of voters (and their kids) just before the election.”