DSK: Anne Sinclair thinking divorce,writing a book, moves to Morocco

14 November, 2011

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

the couple DSK-Sinclair would think divorce. They speak without any taboo. “They think it is a certainty,” says a friend of the couple. Especially since the new incriminating evidence of DSK could have a significant impact on the civil trial lawyers want him bringing Nafissatou Diallo. . If convicted of DSK, it should pay a sum of money very important. Google translation
But Anne Sinclair has already seen thousands of euros fly during the trial in New York does not want to get hold portfolio.. “Anne has no desire to see her fortune go up in smoke,” said a close. “”If it must be resolved to cast off for protection, it will probably,” she whispered, adding that nothing has yet been launched.

[Novemeber 12]Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is currently preparing a book on all these cases. The book is expected in early 2012, probably in January.
[November 2]After l’affaire du Carlton blew up, Ms. Sinclair, a prominent former television journalist, left for her property at Sidi Mimoune Morocco, feeling “shame and disgust” over her husband’s behavior, according to the weekly Le Point. Ms. Sinclair says that an “earthquake” has hit her life, and that she is in the process of rethinking everything.
The entrance, flanked by two marble columns, leads to the first courtyard, bordered on both sides of apartments on one level.. This is the place reserved for guests. . The whole is embellished by a lush, shaded by a huge palm tree. . Beyond this space with a pool, you enter the house itself. The rooms and apartments of the couple are distributed on the ground floor and upstairs, on four sides around a second patio. . There, a central fountain, flowerbeds cypresses, orange trees, banana trees and roses bring freshness and pleasure. The unit is headed by a large pergola.
She will not be disturbed by new neighbors.The north wing of the property is bordered by a vast wasteland coveted by developers, as close to prestigious venues (Mamounia, mausoleum, etc.). But all projects are systematically denied. Overlooking this strange no man’s land, a covered balcony on the corner of the riad offers a breathtaking view of the minaret of the Koutoubia .


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