“My Week with Marilyn” Williams in 630 theaters as of Jan. 2, 2012: $9,184,000 domestic

2 January, 2012

Michelle Williams New York Film Festival 2011

Michelle Williams New York Film Festival 2011

Domestic Total as of Jan. 2, 2012: $9,184,000 (Estimate)
Distributor: Weinstein Company Release Date: November 23, 2011
Genre: Drama Runtime: 1 hrs. 39 min.
MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: N/A
Widest Release: 630 theaters
In Release: 41 days / 5.9 weeks
[November 26, 20011]In 244 theaters, the Michelle Williams vehicle earned about $300,000 on Wednesday and Thursday, and after a $607,000 Friday, the Marilyn Monroe biopic seems headed for a $1.8 million five-day frame.
[November 22] The smile isn’t as wide, the bust not as large, the waist not as long, and the flesh doesn’t have the incredible palpability that drove everyone mad, but, yes, Michelle Williams can play Marilyn Monroe. In “My Week with Marilyn,” Williams makes the star come alive. She has Monroe’s walk, the easy, swivelling neck, the face that responds to everything like a flower swaying in the breeze. Most important, she has the sexual sweetness and the hurt, lost look that shifts, in a flash, into resistance and tears.read
The Weinstein Co. has rescheduled the Marilyn Monroe biopic from November 4 to November 23. The studio is reportedly encouraged enough by the strong reception at the New York Film Festival to throw it into the Thanksgiving fray with The Muppets, Hugo, Arthur Christmas, and Piranha 3DD, not to mention fellow TWC release The Artist.

The secret weapon of the film is, of course, Williams as Monroe. Breathy, vulnerable and totally in command,

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