DSK speech at Cambridge Union did delay court cases

9 March, 2012

New York mug shot of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

New York mug shot of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Court spokesman David Bookstaver said Tuesday that the hearing will be held March 28 in the Bronx. It was originally set for March 15.
The hearing is being held to deal with issues that have to be resolved before a trial, which has yet to be scheduled.
[February 26]Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, has accepted an invitation to appear before the Cambridge Union, a famous debating society next month to speak on the state of the Eurozone and the global economy. The former Socialist minister, who quit the IMF in light of last year’s allegations, has accepted an invitation to address the Cambridge Union on March 9. He has a March 15 New York court hearing on a lawsuit and likely to be summoned to appear before investigating magistrates on March 28. The March 15 hearing in state Supreme Court in the Bronx will likely address a motion from Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers to throw out the lawsuit.
Katie Lam, president of the union, which was formed almost 200 years ago, said the financier was “exceptionally well qualified to speak on some of the greatest headline topics of the world in 2012”.
Before investigating magistrates, his claim is that he did not know that the women he had sex with — who are for the most part French and Belgian and from poor immigrant backgrounds — were prostitutes because they were ‘all naked at the time’. Girls would travel as far as the U.S. to join clients working there. They were flown out to America on several occasions for the entertainment of wealthy clients — including DSK.
Another prostitute, a Belgian called Jade, was also flown to the U.S. to entertain DSK.
She claims to have a photograph of herself embracing him at his IMF offices in Washington D.C., taken during a guided tour he gave her at the end of an evening together.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the great attraction of the Paris-Casablanca Forum Round, held in Casablanca on February 1. more

A few weeks earlier, it is in another luxury hotel that he had made a comeback in public life: the Hyatt Regency Casablanca. But here, no visit on the sly for the child’s country, or nominee to book a suite with jacuzzi, magnum of champagne, nor backdoor to escape the paparazzi: DSK was received there as a guest speaker to a high-class conference and especially women idol. “Every opportunity to come to Morocco are good, this one was particularly good,” he said inlet during his speech.

Regularly refuge in his beautiful riad in Marrakech since the beginning of his judicial disentangled U.S. DSK is returned to worldly life in Casablanca through the front door. “New life of DSK” headlined the Moroccan magazine Actuelwhich devoted its cover and a colorful story.

It must be said that the former IMF chief did everything to cure her first major media outlet. In conquered territory and away from gossip and atmosphere of Paris guerrilla on the eve of the presidential election. With his side of seasoned economist he will take it a st February speech at the forum of the Paris Forum, relocated for the occasion in the Moroccan capital business. The event was organized by the businessman and communicator Albert Mallet, an old acquaintance of corn. The elite of the kingdom, which the Finance Minister Nizar Baraka or the Director of the Deposit Anas Alami had come to meet him, along with several old friends of Morocco, including former Israeli ambassador in Paris, Elie Barnavi.

DSK, a friend of Morocco

“Upon his arrival he is greeted by the President of parliament, Karim Ghellab, and the finance minister, with whom he jokes by telling stories of defective plumbing in Marrakech. One can hardly imagine the former head of the IMF joke with the French Minister of Finance or salute the President of Congress. “Actuel reports.

We see the atmosphere was warm.

“We have always received correctly, even dictators. So why not him? At least he does not have blood on their hands. From a Western perspective, it may be shocking. But he made a mistake that Moroccans understand, and we, we make a distinction between the man and his bullshit. “Tell him, very forgiving a young quadra. No wonder it makes its base in Morocco-back.
DSK is due to speak alongside Luxembourg Prime Minister and Eurogroup Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker at a March 27 conference in Brussels [and before investigating magistrates on March 28?]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn owes the US government more than $16,000 in overdue property taxes on a swanky townhouse in Washington, DC, according to records from the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue. The luxurious three-bedroom Georgetown spread was purchased by Strauss-Kahn’s wealthy wife, journalist Anne Sinclair.


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