Rielle Hunter: mother of child with former senator and ex-Democratic presidential candidate granted immunity, misses her period -source

15 March, 2012

Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter

John Edwards’s former mistress, Rielle Hunter, has been granted immunity for anything she says on the stand during the ex-presidential candidate’s trial, according to a report on Thursday.
Federal prosecutors granted Hunter immunity from criminal charges if she is called as a witness. The former senator and ex-Democratic presidential candidate is accused of conspiring to violate campaign-finance laws and using about $1 million from campaign donors to cover up his affair and child with Hunter. Prosecutors have said they will likely call Hunter to the stand.
Edwards’s trial, which had been delayed because of a life-threatening heart condition, is now set to begin next month. Jury selection starts April 12 and opening arguments will kick off April 23.
Aside from getting excited “about missing her period,” the former political videographer is preparing for baby #2 by embracing her new soccer mom lifestyle, making friends with other moms, and abstaining from alcohol.
“Rielle’s biological clock is ticking loudly and she’s desperate to have another baby with John,” a source close to Rielle says. “She’s not sure what the future holds for John, and that’s what made her even more determined. She wants to get pregnant before the trial begins.”
“She’d love to have another sibling for their daughter Quinn. And John, who loves children as much as she does, is on board with the baby plan — and it’s given him even more impetus to win his trial and not go to prison.”

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