“Take This Waltz” triumphs, Michelle Williams “one of the bravest and smartest actresses working in movies today”

4 August, 2012

Michelle Williams set "Take this Waltz"

Michelle Williams set “Take this Waltz”

“Take This Waltz,” [is] Sarah Polley’s honest, sure-footed, emotionally generous second feature. Ms. Williams, one of the bravest and smartest actresses working in movies today, portrays a young woman who is indecisive and confused, but never passive. The title is taken from one of his songs, which accompanies an astonishing (and very sexy) montage late in the film. A.O.Scott

[September 28, 2011]
about an earlier cut
San Sebastian International Film Festival 2011 “For all its variously successful insights into married life the film often takes bold stylistic leaps that simply don’t work (it features the most unintentionally hilarious sex scene in recent memory). Take This Waltz didn’t receive a single clap of appreciation and to be frank it didn’t deserve any.” film magazine-of-the-moment Little White Lies

“I often dream of quitting acting. ,,,. It’s when a situation is inescapable that it becomes hell.,,,. I’ve been acting for twenty years” Hobo

Michelle Williams September 2011

Michelle Williams September 2011

Date Rank Weekend Gross %Change Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
Jun 29–Jul 1    31    $137,019    –                   30 –                                $4,567  $137,019 1
Jul 6–8              32     $152,250   +11.1%      46  +16                         $3,310  $399,644 2
Jul 13–15         34      $147,306    -3.2%      47   +1                            $3,134   $329,025 3
Jul 20–22       32       $108,997    -26.0%   56    +9                           $1,946   $833,634 4
Jul 27–29       34       $84,033       -22.9%   64     +8                          $1,313   $981,313 5

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