Martha Marcy May Marlene: Worldwide Gross: $3,538,446

13 August, 2012

Elizabeth Chase Olsen

Elizabeth Chase Olsen

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $2,990,625 84.5%
+ Foreign: $547,821 15.5%
= Worldwide: $3,538,446

Olsen’s wide-spaced eyes and slightly flattened features give the impression of a face pressed against a window. She’s locked out and desperate, a lost soul looking through a glass darkly. Voice
So far the film is in good shape. A first feature that won the Best Director award last January at Sundance, it remains to be seen whether it will be embraced by a wider audience than the art-house crowd.
The top-grossing film starring an Olsen twin to date has been this year’s teen flick “Beastly,” which featured Mary-Kate and raked in $27.9 million back in March. The sisters’ second-highest grossing movie was 1995’s “It Takes Two,” a family comedy that made about $20 million. LAT

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

BERLIN — Exclusive Media has started shopping Elizabeth Olsen-Glenn Close starrer Therese Raquin to foreign buyers, while David Dinerstein’s new venture LD Entertainment will distribute the period drama domestically. Harry Potter’s Tom Felton also will star in the period drama, which is based on the 19th century play and novel by Emile Zola.
Acclaimed theater director Charlie Stratton will direct the film from his adapted script (he directed the play in 1995 in Los Angeles). He is set to start shooting in the spring

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