35-year-old medical worker Danielle King and 60-year-old friend

35-year-old medical worker Danielle King and 60-year-old friend

A 35-year-old medical worker Danielle King is seeing John Edwards, who’s practicing law again. Rielle Hunter only agreed to such a small amount of support from John because he promised her that they’d be together forever, The unemployed 49-year-old mother of John’s love child, Frances Quinn, 5, currently gets $5,000 a month.

[February 18]

John Edwards said he is reuniting with his former law partner, prominent trial lawyer David Kirby, to form the law firm Edwards Kirby. The new firm also features another lawyer named Edwards – his oldest daughter Cate.
The new firm has six attorneys and plans to open its doors for business February 18.

[May 5 2012]


The lawyer for a wealthy heiress who provided secret payments intended to help John Edwards testified May 4 that the former presidential candidate acknowledged the money had been given for his benefit.

Alex D. Forger said that Edwards’ then-lawyer Wade Smith told him in the fall of 2008 that the former candidate agreed that the $725,000 given by 101-year-old Rachel “Bunny” Mellon had been provided to help him.
Forger also knew Young was a fundraiser for Edwards, and was concerned about whether his client had violated any laws. Individual contributions to political candidates were then limited to $2,300 an election cycle.

“I knew Mrs. Mellon was not buying furniture,” Forger testified. “Was this a scam? Was this a criminal matter where funds had been siphoned off from her? I didn’t know.”

Forger said he asked the Edwards lawyer whether his client agreed the money was intended for his benefit. Smith replied that he didn’t know but would find out.

A short time later, Smith called back.

“‘Yes, John acknowledges now that these were for his benefit,'” Forger quoted Smith as saying.