Huma Abedin separated from her husband, Anthony Weiner

29 August, 2016


Anthony Weiner and son



Huma Abedin on August 29 announced that she has decided to separate from her husband, Anthony Weiner, after the New York Post reported on August 28 about Weiner’s latest sexually explicit messages with another woman, including an image of him half-dressed in bed next to his young son.



[March 16 Carlos Danger in new documentary film }

huma abedin and anthony weiner

Abedin steps into the room, horrified. “Why are you laughing,” she asks him -People

Weiner, the fast, funny, insightful, and outrageous documentary from first-timers Elyse Steinberg and Josh Kriegman, is one of the greatest campaign films ever made, non-fiction or otherwise. With a ludicrous amount of access, this movie details disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner’s bone-headed decision to run for New York City mayor in 2013, and offers a full-frontal look at political sausage-making. -Vanity Fair

At its best and most troubling, “Weiner” plays like a real-life “Scenes from a Marriage,” with Abedin fulfilling her duties on the campaign trail with good-natured enthusiasm until she learns about her husband’s further misdeeds—at the same time as the world does. Her repressed fury comes out in quiet touches of theatrical grandeur. -New Yorker
[August 6 2015 Huma Abedin Weiner gets State Dept. query 2 months late ]

Abedin is currently vice chair of Clinton's presidential campaign

Abedin is currently vice chair of Clinton’s presidential campaign

Huma Abedin was among 10 current or former State Department officials asked by their former agency to provide any similar messages on their private accounts. But Abedin’s lawyers said she didn’t receive that request for more than two months after it was sent on March 11. Abedin is currently vice chair of Clinton’s presidential campaign.

[April 30 2013 Anthony David Weiner: business connections]

Anhony Weiner has full campaign chest

Anhony Weiner has full campaign chest

As he weighs whether to leap into the race for mayor this year, Mr. Weiner’s lucrative stint in business could serve as a compelling campaign credential, blunting efforts to portray him as a career politician, even as it raises uncomfortable questions about the speed with which he cashed in on his government connections.

He and his wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, disclosed last week that they had a combined income of $496,000 in 2012, most of it from Mr. Weiner’s work. The money provided a lifestyle-changing infusion for the couple, who moved from a modest home in Forest Hills, Queens, to a large apartment on Park Avenue South in Manhattan.

[april 23]
it is not the office of mayor that gives the man stature, WAPO says, but the man who gives this fairly rotten job of holding back squabbling thugs and bagmen some lift and flight.

The mayor of New York is our actor and salesman. He or she has to fill the stage and make the sale.

Hence, against all likelihood, Weiner’s inevitability. But his reappearance this week on Twitter – the instrument of his original downfall, where he was last seen in a state of undress and disgrace – must surely presage the announcement of his candidacy.

But first a recap of the terrible existential plight of the current field of candidates. There’s William C Thompson Jr, who, like Abe Beame before him, was once the city comptroller; there is Christine Quinn now the city council speaker; there is John C Liu, the current comptroller; there is Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate; and there is Sal Albanese, a former councilman from Brooklyn.

Among the most soul-killing words that can be uttered about a public offficial are “He [or she] rose through the Democratic party organization in … [name any of the key precincts of the city]”. It is not that you would have necessarily become corrupt (although it is not clear how that could actually be avoided, and various issues attach to each candidate).
[april 11]
“If Anthony wants to be mayor, he should run,” City Comptroller John Liu, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, said today after a speech. “I would just suggest …closing down the Tweeting account.” …Anthony has got a lot of resources, he’s a hustler. Just stop tweeting.”

Anthony Weiner “suspended” his 2009 campaign for Mayor of New York City instead of opposing a previously term-limited incumbent [Bloomberg], and activated his 2009 committee for the 2013 elections .The New York City Campaign Finance Board estimated there was $4,464,042 left in Weiner’s campaign account in January 2013.. . He also would be eligible for an additional $1.5 million in public matching funds, which he risks losing if he does not use the money by the end of the year. Mr. Weiner resigned from his post representing Queens’ ninth Congressional district June 16 2011,

[April 8]
Political insiders were abuzz at news that Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, had granted a lengthy magazine interview for the first time since his resignation in an embarrassing sexting scandal in 2011.
“The magazine piece is step one of a two-step process for him to run citywide this year,” said one Democratic Party source.
“He’s looking at public advocate and comptroller, but he really thinks he can use this to get back in and run for mayor.”
Weiner issued a terse “no comment” when asked about his plans.
Weiner has $4.3 million left in his campaign account, including $248,710 that would be matched 6-to-1 under the public-financing system.

[June 30 2011]

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, was a longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, was a longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton

Anthony Weiner’s wife is taking time off from her senior job with the State Department, Huma Abedin, will be relaxing at an undisclosed location.
Un homme politique américain a été obligé de battre sa coulpe devant les caméras en raison d’infidélités purement virtuelles, commises sur les réseaux sociaux. here
“I wish Rep. Weiner and his lovely wife well,” said President Barack Obama said in an interview that aired June 17. “Obviously it’s been a tough incident for him, but I’m confident that they’ll refocus and he’ll refocus and they’ll end up being able to bounce back.”
Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin are about to make news of a different kind: they are expecting their first child.
His district, like almost all districts encompassing New York City, is Democratic, although significantly less so than the districts surrounding it. In order to accommodate surrounding districts with majority black or Hispanic populations (the 6th, 10th, 11th and 12th), it has been drawn to consist primarily of middle-class white neighborhoods (the district as a whole is 71% Caucasian, 14.5% Asian, 13.6% Hispanic and 4% African-American). The district includes large Jewish, Italian, and Irish populations. Weiner took the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT), and entered Brooklyn Technical High School. He had failed the admission test for Stuyvesant High School by one point.[7] After graduating (1981), he attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.
While Huma Abedin traipsed around the country as Clinton’s traveling chief of staff, Weiner, 46, became a fixture on those campaign trips, courting the George Washington University graduate who was Clinton’s right hand.

Born in Kalamazo, Mich. but raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by an Indian father and a Pakistani mother, Abedin, 35, is one of the few Clintonites to have been an insider from Clinton’s White House days to her stint at the State Department.

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