Skelos gets 3 months less in second trial

24 October, 2018

Dean Skelos, was sentenced Wednesday, October 24, to four years and three months in prison. The extra three month-stint due to the ex-GOP legislator’s “repeated mischaracterizations and lies” on the witness stand during his retrial. Skelos was sentenced in 2016 to five years in prison at the first trial.
Skelos was once one of Albany’s “Three Men in a Room” who controlled the state budget. The Nassau County Republican pressured businesses with interests before the state to give Adam jobs worth $300,000.

[ July 17 2018  Preet Bharara on second conviction of Skelos   ]


Dean Skelos, former New York state Senate leader, and his son were convicted on July 17 of extortion, wire fraud and bribery charges that they pressured businesses to give the son no-show jobs or else risk losing the powerful Republican’s political support. It was the second trial for the father and son. They were convicted in 2015 of extortion, conspiracy and bribery, but a new trial was ordered by a federal appeals court in Manhattan after the U.S. Supreme Court narrowed the law regarding public corruption as it reversed the conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. The trial was one of the most important in a spate of recent cases that have cast a harsh light on corruption in Albany. Former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Democrat, was convicted in May of corruption.

December 11, 2015
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara :
“The swift convictions of Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos beg an important question – how many prosecutions will it take before Albany gives the people of New York the honest government they deserve?”


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