Private cop shoots escort twice in the torso.

8 November, 2018

Philippe Chow NYC - Wheels Up Wine Cellar

Kifano Jordan, 36, was charged with assault, attempted assault, and weapon possession for the Oct. 26 shooting inside Philippe, a sophisticated Beijing style cuisine restaurant on Madison Ave. and E. 59th St.    Jordan — whose nickname is “Shottie” — allegedly grabbed a chair and slammed it over the head of one of Grainge’s security guards, prosecutors said. “(Jordan) struck a private security guard in the head with a chair after being refused entry into a restaurant where a business meeting was to occur,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Rein said.    The security guard, retired police officer,  whipped out a licensed pistol and shoot Jordan twice in the torso.


[December 8 2010   Ronni Chasen: no cartridge casings found at murder scene   ]

Ronnie Chasen

Ronnie Chasen

The gun used to kill the Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen appears to match the gun a man used to kill himself when police officers approached him for questioning at an apartment building last week, according to preliminary ballistics tests, police officials said on Wednesday. Chief Snowden said that no casings were found at the scene of Ms. Chasen’s death. NYT

An initial coroner’s report stated , obtained by local station KTTV, said one 9mm bullet was pulled from Chasen’s back in the hospital, and the 64-year-old had been shot multiple times. CBS
A law enforcement official, who was not authorized to speak about the case so asked for anonymity, told The Associated Press that Smith used a revolver to shoot himself. The official did not say what caliber bullets the gun fired but noted it was not a 9 mm weapon. AP

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