Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 9.21.47 PM - Edited“Steele Dossier” from  former spy Christopher Steele and his company Orbis Business Intelligence in London.    Buzzfeed was the only news organization to publish the 35 documents in full. He was named on the last page, In regards to Gubarev’s company, the dossier states XBT: ‘had been using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct ‘altering operations’ against the Democratic Party leadership.’ Businessman Aleksej Gubarev said he and his companies were falsely linked in the dossier to Russia-backed computer hacking of Democratic Party figures. Gubarev, who is based in Cyprus, sought unspecified damages from BuzzFeed and its top editor, Ben Smith, for the lawsuit’s libel and slander claims.


Judge Ursula Ungaro ruled December 19 2018 in Miami federal court that BuzzFeed cannot be found liable for publishing a document that had become the subject of official government conduct.The judge said BuzzFeed’s article was “fair and true.”

Gubarev has filed a notice of appeal.

Aleksej Gubarev is the CEO of XBT which hosts websites and also owns Webzilla.


Vonn comeback January?

19 December, 2018

[December 9]

Her next target could be a downhill and super-G in Val Gardena, Italy on December 18 and 19.   “That really has nothing to do with me wanting to race in Lake Louise. ”


The whole point of having one last season is to have one last season, to race in every single race one last time.”


New requirements, called a geographic targeting order (“GTOs”), lower the cash threshold and add more metropolitan areas. The new changes include cryptocurrencies as one of the listed methods of payment. As of November 15 2018, the order requires title-insurance companies to file reports to the federal government on “all-cash purchases” through limited liability companies of $300,000 or more of residential property in 12 metropolitan areas. Previously, the value threshold had varied by city and the program covered seven cities, as well as some surrounding counties.

“Reissuing the [geographic targeting orders] will further assist in tracking illicit funds and other criminal or illicit activity, as well as inform [Treasury’s] future regulatory efforts in this sector,” the Treasury said in a statement.

The new order covers purchases made, at least in part, using cash or a cashier’s check, certified check, traveler’s check, personal check, business check, money order, funds transfer or virtual currency. It involves deals made in the metropolitan areas of Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

After the program first went into effect, all-cash purchases by companies dropped nationally by about 70%, even in areas not subject to the requirements.

Rioting peripheral France

2 December, 2018


It was the third straight weekend of clashes in Paris involving activists dressed in the fluorescent yellow vests of a new protest movement and the worst urban violence since at least 2005.

This comes with a new social geography: employment and wealth have become more and more concentrated in the big cities. The deindustrialised regions, rural areas, small and medium-size towns are less and less dynamic. But it is in these places – in “peripheral France” (one could also talk of peripheral America or peripheral Britain) – that many working-class people live. Christophe Guilluy

[April 27 2009   Replacements in Imaginarium   ]

Terry Gilliam’s film, partly shot in London, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” for which Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell all helped complete Ledger’s unfinished role, is another anticipated premiere. It is Heath Ledger’s final appearance in film before his death last year. It will screen Out of Competition.

The Cannes Film Festival was founded in 1946 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in existence. It takes place this year from May 13-24 in Cannes, France.