Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira “Cross You Out”

5 September, 2019

Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira have teamed up for a synth-heavy club banger of a breakup song, “Cross You Out.” She made a guest appearance on the Iceage single “Pain Killer” in April. 

[May 22 2019 Masochism:The proper album is coming, Sky Ferreira swears ]

[April 1 2019]

There are many Sky Ferreiras. There’s Sky the model, a Hedi Slimane muse who’s walked the runway for Marc Jacobs and perfected a glare so haunted the Bates Motel must be jealous. There’s Sky the actor, who played a key supporting role in director Edgar Wright’s big-studio heist flick Twin Peaks: The Return, but doesn’t have an agent. There’s Sky the live performer, who battles stage fright, but who also opened a 2014 Miley Cyrus arena tour, Sky’s cameo in “Twin Peaks: The Return” had the meta-ness of astral projection. She played Ella, an enigmatic bar patron who talked about a penguin and flaunted a “wicked” armpit rash. “She played that scene so perfectly,” Lynch tells me. “She inhabited that character and made it real from a deep place. When she scratched that rash, you could really feel the itching!” As for Masochism:The proper album is coming, Sky swears, almost positively in 2019.

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