Moldova: ACUM bloc falls over prosecutor

12 November, 2019

Prime Minister MaiSandu

A no-confidence vote brought down Moldova’s ACUM bloc government NOVEMBER 12, 2019.  Prime Minister Maia Sandu, a Harvard-educated former World Bank economist known for her tough stance on corruption, had formed an unlikely alliance with the Socialists to remove a party run by a tycoon from power after an inconclusive election in February.
The coalition has tussled over who should have the power to appoint a new prosecutor general. Sandu wanted to be able to make the choice herself, but the Socialists wanted a special commission under the justice ministry to decide.
Sandu says the move is essential for her to be able to deliver on a promise to fight corruption and claw back the $1 billion that was stolen from three banks in a scam known locally as the “theft of the century”.

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