Sanctions: Venezuela using Iran’s tricks

14 November, 2019

mtDRAGON - Edited
M.T. Dragon, IMO 9244635, a massive oil tanker flying the Liberian flag, is supposed to be floating somewhere off the coast of France, according to its last GPS signal.

Instead, it’s currently thousands of miles away in Venezuela where, under contract for the Russian state-oil giant Rosneft Oil Co PJSC, it loaded 2 million barrels of oil. The ship’s transponders were turned off before it slipped into Venezuelan waters.
Evasive behavior, perfected by rogue ships transporting oil for Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions is being used to evade sanctions on Venezualan crude. Most of the cloaked crude is going to China or Russia for whom U.S. sanctions are less of a deterrent — as well as India.
Other tricks companies use to duck detection are reporting a false destination, frequently changing management or carrying out high-risk ship-to-ship transfers in which “dark” vessels come together on the high seas to hand over their cargo.

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