Venezuela: oil from Iran yields U.S. sanctions

2 June, 2020

voyager 1Action enforcing a strict sanctions regime against Caracas followed recent deliveries to Venezuela of gasoline and alkylate from Iran, another target of US sanctions, The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control named three companies based in the Marshall Islands and one in Greece. The Marshall Islands companies include Afranav Maritime, which operates the Athens Voyager; Adamant Maritime, which operates the Seahero tanker; and Sanibel Shiptrade, which operates the Voyager I. The Greece-based Seacomber, which operates the Chios I, was also sanctioned.
Sanctions relate to the Panamanian-flagged Athens Voyager, the Maltese-flagged Chios I, the Bahamian-flagged Seahero and the Marshall Islands-flagged Voyager I. The tanker owners are Afranav Maritime, Seacomber, Adamant Maritime and Sanibel Shiptrade.
The Seahero appears currently to be chartered by Chevron, carrying a US crude cargo to the Asia Pacific region. The tanker is listing Ningbao, China, as its current destination, based on AIS data from Fleetmon. Shipping data show the Chios I is off Italy’s coast, en route from Taranto to Milazzo. The Athens Voyager left the UAE port of Fujairah today and is heading for the Suez Canal. The Voyager I is at anchor offshore Malaysia, having traveled there from the Caribbean.
Today’s designations add to other tankers placed on the US sanctions list last year for carrying Venezuelan cargoes.
So far, five tankers carrying Iranian supplies arrived in Venezuela.

Memorandum of Understanding between Liberia, Marshall Islands and Panama offers collaboration between the four major ship registries on sharing information when a flag registry deregisters or is in process of de registering, or when it denies registration of a vessel due to engagement in a sanctionable activity. Under the MoU all four registries will now promptly notify other flags to ensure questionable vessels are not registered in line with the UNSCR regulations.

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