Moldova: more than 9,700 covid-19 cases

8 June, 2020

Since its first confirmed case on March 7, Moldova has registered 9,700 cases of the coronavirus and 346 deaths, the fourth consecutive week with more than 1,000 new cases. During the first week of June, Moldova also suffered 46 coronavirus deaths, including two medical workers, compared to 45 deaths a week earlier.

[March 27 2020 100]

The country now has more than 100 confirmed cases.

[27 covid-19 cases]

Chisinau, 15 March /MOLDPRES/ – There are 27 people suspected of infection with COVID-19 in hospitals of Moldova at present and there are 12 confirmed cases of this virus. Two cases out of the confirmed ones are of local spread. Health, Labour and Social Protection Minister Viorica Dumbraveanu

[March 13 2020 6 ]
March 13:Covid-19: over 4,000 people in quarantine, six confirmed cases in Moldova

As of Tuesday, March 10, Moldova has banned all flights to and from Italy amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As of Thursday, March 12, three COVID-19 cases have been confirmed nationwide.

[November 12 2019 ACUM bloc falls over prosecutor ]

Prime Minister MaiSandu

A no-confidence vote brought down Moldova’s ACUM bloc government NOVEMBER 12, 2019.  Prime Minister Maia Sandu, a Harvard-educated former World Bank economist known for her tough stance on corruption, had formed an unlikely alliance with the Socialists to remove a party run by a tycoon from power after an inconclusive election in February.
The coalition has tussled over who should have the power to appoint a new prosecutor general. Sandu wanted to be able to make the choice herself, but the Socialists wanted a special commission under the justice ministry to decide.
Sandu says the move is essential for her to be able to deliver on a promise to fight corruption and claw back the $1 billion that was stolen from three banks in a scam known locally as the “theft of the century”.

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