U.S. Troops withdrawn from Germany

24 June, 2020

 President Trump expressed hope that our two countries would soon finalize a Defense Cooperation Agreement to enhance military cooperation, further strengthen NATO deterrence, bolster regional security in a post-INF Treaty environment, and protect democracy, freedom, and sovereignty. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/readout-president-donald-j-trumps-meeting-president-andrzej-duda-republic-poland/

Under an agreement announced last year, the U.S. is planning to send about 1,000 more troops for Poland, and progress is being made, officials said, to lay the groundwork for those moves. A senior administration official said it’s premature to say when troops could be transferred out of Germany. Based on the agreement with Poland, the U.S. will add a division headquarters, a combat training center, an unmanned aircraft squadron and structure to support an Army brigade that could rotate in and out of the country.

[June 17 2020]

Stoltenberg said Esper had been clear the matter was not yet finalised.

“What matters for me is that we maintain credible deterrence and defense and that we maintain the strong link between North America and Europe,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said. He underlined that Washington has increased its military presence in Europe in recent years, and that European allies are spending more on defense.

Trump confirmed the drawdown plan, first reported by the Wall Street Journal last week, but so far has not issued a written order.

[14 June 2030]

President Trump has directed the Department of Defense to send 9,500 troops home from Germany, which would bring the total stationed there down to 25,000.

A defense official said the withdrawal is not related to rising tensions between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that he “deeply” hoped that some of the troops transferring out of Germany would end up stationed in Poland.

Warsaw and Washington have repeatedly discussed the issue and the decision is “now on the US side,” .

The Grafenwoehr training area is the largest NATO training area in Europe. “There is a lot invested here, and I think that we, in very friendly talks, will naturally always continue to heartily welcome these American soldiers, and there are also good reasons for them to be stationed here,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said. A $1bn expansion was completed in May 2010, one of the largest army construction projects in Europe since the 1950s.

[July 3 2019 Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary host a series of multinational exercises called Saber Guardian 17.   ]

U.S. forces are currently transporting tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment from Germany to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary for a series of multinational exercises called Saber Guardian 17. Saber Guardian 2017 is a multinational military exercise involving approximately 25,000 military personnel from over 20 participating nations. The Black Sea Region exercises for 2017 include numerous U.S., ally, and partner national exercises, with SG17 being the largest. Each is separate and distinct, however many of them contribute to or enable SG17 in various ways. As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and NATO’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional aggression.

“I’m really excited to be going to Romania,” said Sgt. 1st Class Alexander Graybill, a platoon sergeant for Company C, 588th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 3/4 ABCT. “We just completed Combined Resolve VIII. Going to Romania with a new mission will allow us to apply the lessons learned to Saber Guardian. I feel that it will allow us to have more time to polish up on areas and prepare to go to Combined Resolve IX back in Germany later this summer.”

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