In a new settlement, Christine Trampler, Martin’s mother, will receive $200,000, less attorney’s fees, which includes an appeal and a new filing.
[October 16]Trampler’s ex-husband, Arthur Trampler, was found dead Monday night in an apparent carbon monoxide suicide at home in Springfield, Mo., officials there said. Busch had put him on the suit’s witness list but recently removed his name.

In an out-of-court agreement, Martin’s father, Larry Eby, agreed to accept $200,000 from Busch and is no longer part of the lawsuit.
Attorneys for Resopndent stated:
“It continues to be Mr. Busch’s desire to get this matter over as soon as possible and to get as much of the settlement funds into Blake Martin’s guardianship. Mrs. Trampler’s TV appearance in which she stated all she was seeking was information was surprising. All we have heard from her through her legal counsel is that she only wants money. The grandfather, Larry Eby, as agreed to put all of his settlement funds into a trust for the benefit of Blake Martin. Mr. Busch hopes that Christine Trampler will do the same thing.”


[May 2]

Kevin Martin, D.O., Natural Guardian and Conservator for Blake Martin, Respondent, vs. August A. Busch, IV, Respondent, vs. Larry Eby and Christine Trampler, Appellants.

Respondent August A. Busch, IV’s application for transfer from the Missouri Court of Appeals, No. ED96814, denied. Draper, J., not participating.
an appellate court found that Larry Eby and Christine Trampler had a right to join the case. The state supreme court on April 3 refused Busch’s request for reconsideration of the appellate court ruling.
The ruling gives Trampler and Eby greater control over legal strategy and the decision whether to accept the $1.5 million settlement offer
[February 15, 2912]The Missouri Court of Appeals in the Eastern District released an opinion today declaring that George “Larry” Eby and Christine Trampler — the parents of the late Adrienne Nicole Martin, former girlfriend of St. Louis beer scion August Busch IV — have the right to join in on the wrongful death lawsuit filed earlier this year on behalf of Martin’s young son, Blake.
The three appellate judges, who ruled unanimously, cited Missouri’s Wrongful Death statute, which gives equal power to a decedent’s spouse, children and parents when it comes to recovering damages.

The decision means that Martin’s mother and estranged father could possibly receive a piece of any settlement pie. It also means that Busch, who has kept a low profile since Martin’s death and originally sought to settle the matter quickly, won’t be shedding his legal baggage any time soon.

Missouri Court of Appeals

Missouri Court of Appeals