The Carlton case: the civil conviction of DSK has been annulled on appeal. Recalling that the damage that a civil party can obtain compensation must result from a proven fault and limited to the object of the prosecution, the highest court of the judiciary considered that the Court of Appeal had disregarded this principle. In June 2015, the four defendants had all been acquitted by the Criminal Court of Lille.



[ March 4 2015 Dominique Strauss-Kahn settles ‘Dodo Sex Klub’ case? ]

Dominique Alderweireld claimed that “The DSK” meant in reality “Dodo Sex Klub”, the former president of the IMF nevertheless sued the owner of the club. On June 30,3014, a Belgian justice prohibited Dominique Alderweireld to use the initials of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to increase the notoriety of his bar hostesses, located near the French border. A judgment which Dominique Alderweireld appealed.
While the Court of appeal of Mons had to consider the case, Tuesday, March 3, it seems that the two men have finally reached an agreement. “At the end of last week, I was contacted by Mr Strauss-Kahn’s counsel proposing a settlement.Dominique Alderweireld wished to add specific conditions. The terms of the agreement are not yet finalized but it will not result in a delay”, said Mr. Etienne Wéry, the lawyer of Dominique Alderweireld. It islikely that Dominique Strauss-Kahn will abandons the suit and that Dominique Alderweireld renounces the name “The DSK”.
[May 28 2014]
The Court of First Instance of Hainaut , a division of Tournai, set the trial between Dominique Strauss v. Kahn Dominique Alderweireld , pimp better known by the nickname Dodo Brine forThursday, February 5, 2015 at 15h . The court granted the request of the former head of the IMF, for a summary hearing on the prohibition of his initials and image in advertising the new facilityof Dodo Brine , opened Bernissart April 30 last for On 25 June 2014.
The Brussels lawyers Dominique Strauss- Kahn , namely Alain Berenboom and Michèle Hirsch, and lawyers Dominique Alderweireld the Tournaisien Me Wery Etienne and Paris Sorin Margulis, will defend the views of their customers in a public hearing Referee scheduled Wednesday, June 25 at 9 am at the courthouse in Tournai .

The former IMF chief asks the court to prohibit Dominique Alderweireld use his initials, ” that identify to everyone ” for operating a brothel in Bernissart . Lawyers Dodo Brine noted several cases where the initial DSK , which does not necessarily refer to the former head of the IMF , are used for commercial purposes . Dodo, meanwhile, refused to change the name of the Dodo Sex Klub .

The two men are both summoned on pimping charges before the Lille Criminal Court in the case of so-called ” Carlton Affaire” . This trial will take place in 2015.

[April 30]

Alderweireld and Strauss-Kahn both face pimping charges in relation to an alleged prostitution ring at the luxury Hotel Carlton in the French city of Lille

Alderweireld and Strauss-Kahn both face pimping charges in relation to an alleged prostitution ring at the luxury Hotel Carlton in the French city of Lille

Strauss-Kahn has had a letter sent by his French lawyers threatening every judicial measure against Dominique Alderweireld or ‘Dodo la Saumure’ for opening brothel under the name ‘Dodo Sex Klub'” with his (Strauss-Kahn’s) initials “which identify him to all.” It is set to open in the town of Blaton in Belgium, where prostitution and owning brothels are legal. Alderweireld and Strauss-Kahn both face pimping charges in relation to an alleged prostitution ring at the luxury Hotel Carlton in the French city of Lille. If convicted, Strauss-Kahn faces a maximum of ten years in jail and a fine of up to €1.5 million (£1.29m).

[May 27 2013]

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French prosecutors are convinced they have a case against Strauss-Kahn for “aggravated pimping in an organised gang.”

The case, known here as the “Carlton affair”, centres around allegations that business leaders and police officials in Lille operated a vice ring supplying girls for sex parties, some of which are said to have taken place at the city’s Carlton Hotel. Investigators are seeking to discover if prostitutes were paid using corporate funds from a large French construction company, Eiffage.
“If these parties and these trips across the Atlantic were being financed by a major French group for purposes of prostitution obviously that puts a lot of people in deep trouble because it is a misuse of corporate money,” said a legal expert who is not linked to the Strauss-Kahn case.

[March 23 2013]

 Dominique Alderweireld with partner Bea allege basement orgy

Dominique Alderweireld with partner Bea allege basement orgy

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn cancelled plans to speak at an European Parliament debate next week, after MEPs said it would be “indecent” for him to speak at the House.

Madame Bea reveals the events that occurred on March 6, 2009 in the Parisian restaurant L Aventure where, after lunch, Strauss-Kahn and five more men went down to the basement and began the sex party,. “I have in my mind the image of DSK dressed only in a white shirt. He had dropped his pants and had four straight sex with the girl on all fours and just meters from us. Dominique Alderweireld, alias Dodo The Saumure, companion and partner of Bea in brothels, admits that a call intercepted by the police talking about this orgy was the trigger the so-called Carlton Case , a scandal for which Dominique Strauss-Kahn declared late March accused of pimping. Spanish Vanity Fair