Julie Gayet, Sandrine Bonnaire and Catherine Deneuve at the funeral of Agnès Varda at the Montparnasse Cemetery on April 02, 2019

[June 2 2016]


This fictionalized biography attempts to paint the portrait of the new Montespan of Francois Hollande, with the technique and style of a celebrity magazine: there is no revelation by the person concerned; no doubt because ly the author only briefly met Julie Gayet for an interview. The latter gave him no interesting information, except: “Do not say I am the companion of the president!” …rough translation “Mademoiselle,” Pauline Delassus, Ed. Grasset, 158 p. (TDG)

French President Francois Hollande says he will not back down over labor reforms after unions threatened to escalate protests over the changes.
All but one of the union blockades at fuel depots have now been cleared, the authorities say. But shortages have caused long queues at petrol stations.
“I will stay the course because I think these are good reforms,” Mr Hollande said.
However, Prime Minister Manuel Valls signalled they could be modified.
June 2 saw many protest rallies across the country, with 77 protesters arrested.

[September 24 2014 Julie Gayet’s liaison has created a media frenzy around her

   Julie Gayet, French actress,   came to present and promote a Chilean film, Cristian Jimenez's Voice Over, [Director Cristian Jimenez]  which she produced (Producers: Cristian Jimenez, Nadia Turincev, Julie Gayet, Nicolas Comeau) at the Kursaal Palace during the 62nd San Sebastian Film Festival on September 23, 2014 in the northern Spanish Basque city of San Sebastian.   Her production company is Rouge International, with Nadia Turincev.

Julie Gayet, French actress, came to present and promote a Chilean film, Cristian Jimenez’s Voice Over, [Director
Cristian Jimenez] which she produced (Producers: Cristian Jimenez, Nadia Turincev, Julie Gayet, Nicolas Comeau) at the Kursaal Palace during the 62nd San Sebastian Film Festival on September 23, 2014 in the northern Spanish Basque city of San Sebastian. Her production company is Rouge International, with Nadia Turincev.

She is well aware that her liaison with the Head of State has created a media frenzy around her, which was previously a rather discreet actress and producer. Any of its outlets - recently at the Venice Film Festival or the Festival of San Sebastian - is guided by the tabloids, the actress then being flashed by all the paparazzi.

She is well aware that her liaison with the Head of State has created a media frenzy around her, which was previously a rather discreet actress and producer. Any of its outlets – recently at the Venice Film Festival or the Festival of San Sebastian – is guided by the tabloids, the actress then being flashed by all the paparazzi.

a société de production Rouge International, Julie Gayet & Nadia Turincev.

a société de production Rouge International, Julie Gayet & Nadia Turincev.

[August 14 François Hollande and Julie Gayet not about to marry]

[July 20 Are François Hollande and Julie Gayet about to marry?]

French President François Hollande wrapped up a three-day tour of West Africa on July 19 with a visit to Chad,

French President François Hollande wrapped up a three-day tour of West Africa on July 19 with a visit to Chad,

Britain’s Daily Mail quotes Midi Libre ‘the highly respected newspaper’ as predicting that President Francis Hollande will marry Julie Gayet on August 12. ‘it is thought that Mr Hollande has felt increasingly uncomfortable attending official engagements without an official partner.’
During his speech on July 14 , François Hollande remained evasive on any developments in his private life, saying “When I have information to share, I will. But I have none” . A polite way of saying yes or no, leaving the door open to all speculations.

While Julie Gayet, a divorced mother of two, is barely known internationally, she is a well-known TV actress in France, having regularly appeared in a number of programmes, films and talk shows.

France warned Russia July 20 there would be “consequences” if Moscow did not put pressure on pro-Kremlin separatists in Ukraine to allow rescuers and investigators unfettered access to the crash site of flight MH17.
Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and David Cameron agreed to call on their Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to pressure the rebels into allowing rescuers and investigators “free and total access to the site of the MH17 flight disaster to accomplish their mission.” “If Russia does not immediately take the necessary measures, consequences will be drawn by the European Union at the Foreign Affairs Council which takes place on July 22,” the French presidency said in a statement after the leaders of France, Germany and Britain held a conference call.

[July 17]

The role of official girlfriend in the shadows “is no longer appropriate “

Are François Hollande and Julie Gayet are about to formalize their relationship?
For her, it would be nothing other than the logical outcome of a relationship that has developed peacefully for three years. A perspective that begins to germinate in the minds presidential, yet stubborn principle, any form of commitment. “He is for the status quo. Close friends say Julie has been putting on pressure since the Spring. The role of official girlfriend in the shadows “is no longer appropriate” to the mother. Julie Gayet grew up in old family, between an respectable mother and father who was a surgeon and internationally recognized digestive diseases specialist . “She inherited quite conventional manners,” says Yves Azéroual.
Since the revelation of the affair, the couple has continued to spend time together. After visiting the chateau of Berrac, with François Hollande and Julie Gayet’s parents secondary residence in July, the presentation to the respective families continues.Julie’s brother, Erwan Gayet, was surprised to cross the president in a Parisian Sunday lunch. The actress organizes dinners in his loft in the 11th arrondissement, where such friends as Julien Dray, a witness of the birth of her romance with the president. She was also able to take her companion to spend the evening with his friend, Benjamin Biolay. More importantly, she regularly goes to the Elysee, where it was not uncommon at the end of the day, to come across i Hollande ntimate, Stéphane Le Foll, François Rebsamen or Michel Sapin. In short, without showing off, the couple does not hide from his entourage. However, this is no longer appropriate to Julie Gayet, who finds that silence, clandestine love feeding the rumor mill. Most persistent being that of a “rapprochement” of François Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler. Despite the failure, the shadow of that “reporter” still hangs over the Elysee


French President François Hollande on July 17 started a three-nation West African visit to Ivory Coast, Niger and Chad as the French military operation in the restive Sahel region has expanded. A French soldier was killed in a suicide attack in the northern Malian city of Gao, the ninth French casualty since the January 2013 intervention. 3,000 French troops will be operating out of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad and their regional objectives will cut across some of the world’s most remote, dangerous borders in the rugged, lawless scrubland of the Sahel.

[May 16]

Julie Gayet, the ‘ex-mistress’ of French president Francois Hollande, who dubbed the Nicole Kidman role as Grace Kelly in “Grace of Monaco”, attending premiere at the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival Palais de Festivals, May 14

[May 1]
Julie Gayet, the French actress has now “broken up this relationship”with President François Hollande, She could, it went on, no longer take the “intrusion into her private life” and the “media pressure” the relationship had placed on her two teenage sons. She “has never dreamed of being first lady”. Mr Hollande had not entirely broken off relations with Valérie Trierweiler who considers she has “lost a battle but not the war”.

[March 2]

[February 26]

ruthless policy advisor played by Julie Gayet

ruthless policy advisor played by Julie Gayet

Julie Gayet [b. June 3, 1972] is expected March 6 in New York for the French Cinema Festival , but the actress has not confirmed her attendance.


Closing Night! U.S. Premiere!

Director Bertrand Tavernier and screenwriter Antonin Baudry in person!

While he tries to navigate internal politics, the various strong personalities around him (such as a ruthless policy advisor played by Julie Gayet), and the stress of finding the Minister’s “voice,” Arthur must also write a speech for the Minister that will hopefully put them both in the history books.

[February 13]
Kate O'Toole, chair the international jury at this year's Discovery Zone film festival

French actress Julie Gayet, who was set to chair the international jury at this year’s Discovery Zone film festival, has cancelled her trip to Luxembourg. A replacement for the jury has, however, already been found. Kate O’Toole, daughter of screen legend Peter O’Tool, could take over the jury presidency.

[February 2]

The 2014 Cannes Film Festival is four months from now. Julie Gayet, the mistress of French president Francois Hollande, is dubbing Nicole Kidman’s role as Grace Kelly in “Grace of Monaco.” The Olivier Dahan film is set for opening night. The red carpet for opening night is going to be completely crazy.

This means that not only will international movie star and Oscar winner Kidman be front and center, but so will the “first lady” of France around whom an international scandal has developed.

[May 25 2013]

[February 28]

Dominique Strauss-Kahn fails to have kiss-and-tell book banned
Former IMF chief did win a court order insisting a card outlining his objections should be placed inside every copy of the book
[February 26]
[17 May 2011] Bernard-Henri Lévy defends Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Lévy, a French philosopher, says that his friend Strauss-Kahn ‘bears no resemblance to this monster being described’ [2013]‘I don’t like the donkey kick delivered to the “immensely rich” and “ambitious” woman who, for having schemed to become the wife of a president, is supposedly the truly guilty party, the one responsible for everything—an idiotic portrayal and, for anyone who knows or has observed the woman in question, an obscene accusation

In Beauty and the Beast, due to be released on February 27, Iacub says she had a relationship with Strauss-Kahn from January to August 2012, in the midst of the scandal over accusations he sexually assaulted a New York hotel maid the previous year.

She doesn’t name Strauss-Kahn in the book, but she told Le Nouvel Observateur magazine that it was about him, while admitting that she had mixed fiction with reality.

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers said they will on February 26 seek the seizure of the books after suing Iacub and her publisher Stock for an attack on his private life.

If that is not allowed, they will seek for every copy of the book to carry an insert, lawyers Richard Malka and Jean Veil said, without giving details on what they want it to say.

Strauss-Kahn, who has called the book an “abomination”, is seeking 100,000 euros ($132,300) in damages and compensation from Iacub and Stock, and a similar amount from Le Nouvel Observateur.

Lawyers for Stock and Le Nouvel Observateur declined to comment on the suit, which will go before a Paris judge on February 26.
[February 24]
While the head of the IMF struck Iacub as a rather very rightwing politician, the sybarite in him was a true revolutionary, copulating equally with the poor and the ugly, the beautiful and the powerful
Dominique Strauss-Kahn reacted strongly after the publication Le Nouvel Observateur of excerpts from the book columnist Marcela Iacub the connection she had with him in 2012 .. In a letter to the founder of the weekly, Jean Daniel, DSK says “before a double disgust.” To begin with, “Whatever causes the behavior of a woman who seduced to write a book, relying on feelings of love to exploit financially.” He criticizes the “fantasy nature of the story and therefore incorrect” attacking “an attack contemptible in (his) privacy and human dignity.” [Google translation]

[January 25]
Carlton Affaire: DSK suspected of being the “instigator” of the network Judges in the Lille investigation say accordig to Le Figaro. ‘The judges felt that serious corroborating evidence make likely the effective and decisive participation of Dominique Strauss Kahn in acts of pimping,’ says Le Figaro.

[May 22 ’12]
French daily Liberation reported this month that two Belgian prostitutes questioned in the Lille probe described Strauss-Kahn as using violence during sex at the W Hotel in Washington and forcing a sexual act on her despite her protests.

Citing leaked transcripts of witness testimony to Belgian police, also involved in the probe, Liberation cited one of the prostitutes as saying that Strauss-Kahn “used force, he held down my hands, he pulled my hair, he hurt me.” The woman is quoted as testifying that another man held her hands down while Strauss-Kahn assaulted her.

Neither of the prostitutes has filed legal complaints, but French rules allow for an investigation even without a formal complaint.

According to a statement from the Lille prosecutor, the investigation centres on an incident “that could be described as gang rape”.

May 21, 2012 at 09:33 (Updated: May 21, 2012 at 09:42)

Prosecutors in Lille examines what took place between 15 and 18 December in Washington, during which parties participated Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Prosecutors in Lille on Monday ordered a preliminary investigation of the facts ” could be described as gang rape “which allegedly took place in Washington between 15 and 18 December 2010, as part of the case known as the Carlton, he said in a statement.

The facts alleged were identified by the magistrates in charge of the case of aggravated pimping and allegedly committed at a party in the U.S. capital, attended by including Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The prosecution stated that it had ordered an investigation, “according to the practice” , he confided to the direction of interregional judicial police in Lille.

He was seized on March 28 – two days after the indictment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for aggravated procuring in an organized – by the judges, ” an order of referral for all practical purposes, for acts of gang rape. ”

These facts are related to testimony from two prostitutes who participated in a Belgian living in Washington in December 2010 along with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Fabrice Paszkowski, David Pug and Commissioner Lagarde.

These testimonies were collected by the Belgian police last December, as part of an agreement with the French justice.

One of them – who has not complained – said to have been at a party, December 16, 2010, certain sexual acts in a non-consent.

Heard December 5, 2011 by the Belgian police – as part of an agreement with the French justice – she says that DSK would “use of force, that is to say, he held my hands. He pulled my hair, it hurt me. I weigh 50 kilos, it is heavier. ”

Always according to his account of the minutes, DSK then tries to sodomize. “I refused and told her no, I do not want. I tried to get loose but it was complicated because it was on me and it is very heavy […]. Admittedly, I did not yell, but I made it clear that I did not want to repeatedly aloud. ”

The allegations are said to have come to light from evidence given by a Belgian prostitute who told Belgian police that she was forced into certain acts of non-consensual sex while in Washington on 16 December 2010. She has not filed a complaint.

“I didn’t scream but I said clearly and loudly that I didn’t want to,” the woman is said to have testified.

But a second Belgian prostitute has called her account of events into question, in an interview with French media.

Police in Washington say they have checked their records for 16 December at the city’s W hotel, named by media as the hotel involved, and have found no reports detailing allegations of such activity.
[February 22]French police released former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on February 22 after nearly 30 hours in custody for questioning about a suspected hotel prostitution ring.
Strauss-Kahn, 62, is expected to be summoned again next month by judges who will decide if there is enough evidence to press charges in the case. Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was taken into custody February 21 at Lille, to be heard on his alleged role in the case of pandering so-called Carlton.

DSK at police barracks, Warrant Pruvost, located in downtown, boulevard Louis-XIV

DSK at police barracks, Warrant Pruvost, located in downtown, boulevard Louis-XIV

The former Socialist minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn , 62, is heard, yesterday morning as a witness in the case of Carlton in Lille . After dropping the charges for sex crimes, in August 2011 in the case of Sofitel New York, former IMF chief is now overtaken by an affair of procuring alleged in the North, involving police, men business close to the PS and a pimp Belgian Sleep “Brine”. A new episode judiciary that could ruin his last ambitions, mentioned on TF1 on 18 September, to return to politics. Police custody extended The former head of the International Monetary Fund has been convened February 21 at Lille , in the austere local the police barracks, Warrant Pruvost, located in downtown, boulevard Louis-XIV. It was at the request of judges that the building has been designated to host the hearing. Upon arrival, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was served with his placement in custody for “complicity in pimping compounded by an organized “and” the misuse of corporate assets, “prosecutors said. His lawyer Me Frédérique Baulieu joined the scene to assist in the police custody . DSK had to stay overnight in the barracks. His detention was extended for 24 hours last night. The three judges arrived on the scene shortly after 21:30, notifying him of this extension. It is common for judges anticipate the extension of police custody before the end of 24 premières hours, but it takes effect only after they passed. Following his detention , the former minister can be left at liberty without prosecution, or be brought in the wake before the judges, who may also convene later. Soirées libertines investigators should police the ‘ask about libertine parties which he participated, including Paris and Washington: did he know that women who attended were prostitutes? Evidence has revealed that several trips were organized and financed by two entrepreneurs in the Pas-de-Calais, Fabrice Paszkowski, head of a medical equipment company, and David Roquet, former director of a subsidiary of construction group Eiffage . Heard also IGPN If the judges were asked to estimate the sufficient charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn , the latter could be prosecuted for complicity in pimping compounded by an organized and the misuse of corporate assets, offenses punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment and five years imprisonment. This would imply that DSK leader was aware of the possible origin of fraudulent expenses he would have enjoyed. The question of possible counterparties to these parties should also be asked him. Dominique Strauss-Kahn should also be heard today by police IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police, “police policies”) in the police element of the file. Eight indicted eight people were indicted, including three officials Carlton Lille , a lawyer and the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the North, Commissioner Jean-Christophe Lagarde. The latter, suspended from duty, had been heard in the same barracks Lille.

The French version of the Huffington Post , led Anne Sinclair , treats this morning in a relatively dramatic, although this layout is conventional for this site information, the hearing of DSK “” In custody. Ins and outs of the case of Carlton Lille “is the title of the article accompanying the photo of him that justice have been hearing this morning. Faithful to the words and commitments made during the press conference to launch the site information, the wife of former IMF chief wanted to be treated this case like any other information of this magnitude. Symbolic layout is none the less almost excessive in its form: as an exclamation point affixed to the bottom of an information, which should suffer in his mode of treatment, the smallest reproach. And this is the case.


[February 21]

Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrived voluntarily at a police station in the northern city of Lille just before his February 21) appointment for questioning about his role in the latest sex scandal to beset his ruined career.

Shortly after his arrival, prosecutors said he would instead be detained on suspicion of “complicity in pimping” and “misuse of company funds” and could thus face charges and see his detention stretch to 96 hours.

He insists he did not know that the women were prostitutes.

“I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman,” his lawyer Henri Leclerc has told French television.

In France, illegal for an official to accept gifts of any kind from a company

In France, illegal for an official to accept gifts of any kind from a company

[February 18]Dominique Strauss-Kahn is to be questioned Feb. 20-25 by police investigating an alleged prostitution ring in northern France French newspapers have carried reports for months about alleged links between Mr Strauss-Kahn and a call-girl racket, known as the Carlton affair after the name of the Lille hotel where clients were allegedly supplied with prostitutes. Reports say Mr Strauss-Kahn could be charged if magistrates deem that he was aware the women who took part in sex parties he is alleged to have attended were prostitutes.

Mr Strauss Kahn’s lawyer has previously said the former IMF chief thought he was participating in swingers’ parties and had no reason to believe the women involved were prostitutes.

Criminal case on sexual assault charge in New York – dropped 23 August
Civil case on sexual assault charge in New York – ongoing
Criminal investigation on attempted rape claims in Paris – dropped 13 October
The Carlton Affair has already led to the arrests of several leading figures in the city, including businessmen and police chiefs

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Anne Sinclair, May 2012

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Anne Sinclair, May 2012

Strauss-Kahn is seeking damages of at least $1 million for claims of malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false imprisonment, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
“One year to the day of his brutal sexual assault of Ms. Diallo, this is yet another example that personifies Strauss- Kahn’s misogynistic attitude,” Douglas H. Wigdor, a lawyer for Diallo, said in a statement. “As with his plea for diplomatic immunity, we are entirely confident this latest desperate ploy will be swiftly rejected.”

INFO LE FIGARO – March 26, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was interviewed in Lille for the case of Carlton. Le Figaro reveals the exchange between the former IMF chief and magistrates who, after such hearing, the will charged with “aggravated procuring in an organized gang.”

• A system set up?

The judge first plant the “background”: “In total, fifteen outings, trips, both in Paris, Lille, Belgium, and Washington, have been organized for you by Fabrice Paszkowski (Chief a business of selling medical equipment), David Pug (responsible for a subsidiary of construction group Eiffage) from 2008.Participants were systematically David Roquet, Jean-Christophe Lagarde (Commissioner of Public Safety in Lille), Jacques Mellick son. “The caller does not leave open the breach:” I only ever appeared they were organized for me. ”

– “Paszkowski said Fabrice you were not the instigator, but you were happy (…) because you like sex.”

– “It is right to say that I was not the instigator (…) I was happy as I am usually when friends invite me to do something.”

– “Do not you think having established this system of convenience in your entourage in order to satisfy your sexual needs?”

– “(…) No, I never felt in any form of organization in place and still less that that organization was using prostitution.”

• The “girlfriends” in the SMS

In 2011, the IMF chief uses, according to the survey, some of which six mobile phones, purchased by friends or her driver, remained in their names, which helps to cover their tracks.

At each exchange, Fabrice Paszkowski takes his friend informed of the place, date, time and participants in these meetings. Nothing extraordinary, however, given the busy schedule of an officer who spends his time between America, Europe and Asia and who insists: “It is sometimes difficult to imagine the constraints j ‘was submitted. I could land and take a plane five hours later, or stay in a city only six hours. ”

Among the many messages, one dated February 20, 2011 and sent by Paszkowski, “I have some great new things for my trip to DC! (Washington DC, Ed). I go to Courchevel for testing on Wednesday. “Another of these text messages, this time sent by DSK in June 2009:” Will you (can you) to discover a beautiful box naughty with me in Madrid (and equipment) the July 4? “Then, in January 2010:” You come and go back when? And outside of the delegation of friends there who? “A vocabulary which earned him the remarks while in custody:” If we tell you that in the middle of pimping, “girlfriends” is the term sought by the decency to refer to prostitutes or escort girls, what did you say to that? “DSK” I do not know the middle of prostitutes. ”

In January 2010, according to the exchange of SMS, the former political leader offers a “gift” – a prostitute, according to the suspicions of judges – the former painter and Titouan Lamazou browser. Finally, the judges noted that the network is presumed autodissout the day after the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York May 14, 2011.

• Prostitutes or libertine?

If judges are so keen to demonstrate that DSK knew they were dealing with professional, this is obviously not to penalize him as a client, the use of commercial sex is not illegal. However, the fact that he knew that young women were prostitutes – he denies – is a prerequisite for attempting to prove that he took an active part in this “network” organizer of fine particles and can therefore be prosecuted for “aggravated procuring in an organized gang.”

Hence this series of questions: “Given the large number of girls, age, behavior, do you maintain that you did not know their quality escort?” – “I counted all that there had six young women. This does not seem a huge number. ”

The main clue that could have alerted DSK is the reward of participating, but Pug and Paszkowski argued that the payment of benefits was always unbeknownst to their friend. As for prostitutes, they are not fully explicit. A conversation between Paszkowski and “Florence” on compensation thereof could she alert him? DSK said he did not witness. The judge tries another bias: “Florence said you were a very active group of sexually and you were very interested in the” newcomers “, unless by the former. What say you? “-” The first part, this is a comment I left him on my business (…) It is true that the interest of libertinism rests in part on the novelty. ”

• Girls’ familiar, enterprising “

New offensive citing “Jade”, a stripper cabaret, which ensured that DSK could not ignore its professional quality. Partly because DSK would have said to the friend who accompanied him: “With Jade, must wear a condom.” And the stripper to drop some acid comments: “I did not go to bed with Dominique Strauss-Kahn for the simple pleasure. First, it is old, he is overweight. ”

“Mounia,” she recounted a meeting at the Hotel Murano, near the Republique in Paris, “Dominique Strauss-Kahn knew very well why I was there as well as others. We were only there to have sex with him and everything was done to make it perfect for him. “The same Mounia adds that” these girls were dressed provocatively, vulgar, they were familiar, and enterprising that in her view, these were prostitutes, girls working in bars. ” Note that reacted DSK: “In this kind of evening libertine, young women can be challenging but it is by no means the characteristic of a form of prostitution.”

Annoyed, the former head of the International Monetary Fund book a lesson in debauchery: “No sex I could have (…) around the group of friends Fabrice Paszkowski not struck me as being priced. You must understand something, libertinage is to have free sex and consensual. We think what we want the moral but they are not priced. ”

• A behavior “contemptuous”?

New Note to former elected Sarcelles: “Four of the participants say is that you knew they were prostitutes for entering your unequivocal about or that you could not ignore this situation given the explicit their quality. “” You seem to feed some considerations with regard to young women brought by Fabrice Paszkowski. They often demeaning terms such as “hardware”, “in your luggage.” You seem to talk to them without immediate sex show them any respect. One participant felt being “pure sexual consumption”, in his words. ”

DSK respond at length: “I have often seen young women dressed like you and me who changed upon arrival in a libertine club to make an outfit more alluring and it was not one of the prostitutes (…). I reject absolutely have any contemptuous behavior vis-à-vis women. It is true that I used in my posts words guard (…) I do not consider women as objects in libertinage (…) There have been no reports brutal, no vision of the degraded wife and no violence. ”

• The “age difference”

The age difference would it have sometimes alert DSK? One of his partners was born in 1984, another in 1985. “Do you think if they (the two women) were not paid, they have agreed to have sex with you these many times given the age difference between you?” DSK retorts: “Madam, many young women with whom I have had a sex trade – the word is not good – a sexual relationship, had the same age difference.”

Another is a former radio operator. Within weeks, DSK sends 73 text messages on his telephone line that appears in the fifth position among the most frequently called numbers (82 calls). More troubling, the employee said that DSK had spoken Fabrice Paszkowski. She described him, say the judges, “as your right arm, a good friend of Lille. He could make her meet people and it could serve him later, but not necessarily for work. ” Answer this time embarrassed, “Paszkowski Fabrice has never been anything in my right arm (…) She wanted to find a change in business communication (…) Fabrice Paszkowski told me he had an event company. ”

• Prostitutes may be under pressure

The approach end of the hearing. The judge tries again: “If you had known that these girls were prostitutes, how would you have reacted?” – “I would not have participated in the evenings for two reasons. One is that precisely the libertine implies consent and mutual pleasure, which is not the case, to my knowledge, of a prostitute. The second is that so I thought I could trust men and women with whom I shared a taste for libertinism, as I would not have trusted prostitutes who may be subject to all kinds pressure. ”

“Accession expected at the Elysee”

“In the process, it emerges (…) that you were the primary beneficiary of these evenings and sometimes exclusive (…), say judges. Your position, your reputation, your ambitions give those who organize these meetings, fund them, a sense of shared secret, a relationship with a man of power. It is released (…) that these men are animated by a shared mindset, get in a return of personal or professional of your expected accession to the presidency of the Republic. ”

The old favorite for president lashes out: “As for the fact that all these people cared about me because of political events, it is they that must be questioned. I remember just as in 2007 I had just been defeated in the primary dryly Socialist Party and that is because of this very evanescent political future that I decided to go do something else with the other side of the Atlantic. The idea that some participants saw more than a touch, a nice trade, is false. What, then, something else has crossed their mind, I do not know. ”

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

The tribulations of DSK in large hotels stir endlessly.
David Roquet is the head of “Matériaux Enrobés du Nord”, a subsidiary of French construction giant Eiffage. Roquet told the police he had visited Strauss-Kahn in New York in February 2011, accompanied by prostitutes “presented as Eiffage secretaries.” A second visit took place in May 2011.

Jean-Christophe Lagarde was, until his suspension last week, head of urban security for the Nord administrative region that includes the city of Lille. Lagarde also accompanied Roquet and Paszkowski on trips to New York in the company of the “secretaries”.