Paramount’s forthcoming Coming to America sequel will co-star Wesley Snipes. Snipes will play General Izzi, the ruler of a neighboring nation of Zamunda. Jermaine Fowler is also set to star.

Snipes also worked with Murphy and Brewer on the forthcoming Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite is My Name, which is set to bow in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

[December 14 2013 Gallowwalkers on Netflix – Cowboys and Zombies, why not? ]

VMI Worldwide recently brought the horror/western movie Gallowwalkers, which stars Wesley Snipes, out from the hiding, while Wrekin Hill Entertainment picked up USA release rights to the film, with plans to release this year. A brand-new release trailer has been released.

[August 9]

The concept of the Gallowwalkers :They kill people and take their skin for a week or so and get new skin.

The horror-western angle. Cowboys and Zombies, why not?
Release date: (USA) Lionsgate released Gallowwalkers on DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet), Digital Download and VOD (Video on Demand) on Aug. 6

Actor Wesley Snipes was released from a halfway house July 26.

In 2010, Snipes was convicted of willfully failing to file tax returns from 1999 to 2001.

Snipes finished his three-year sentence in a federal prison in April and has been at the halfway house since then.

Upon his release, Snipes will be mandated to one year of supervised probation.
[April 12, 2013]

Wesley Snipes production

Wesley Snipes production

Wesley Snipes may be at the April 27 dinner with the president (and 3,000 others) of the White House Correspondents’ Association, affectionately known as the “nerd prom” because it draws a wide cross section of movers and shakers from the worlds of journalism, politics, as well as Hollywood all coming together for one night. The dinner, in the Washington Hilton ballroom, begins around 7:30 (realistically 8). At the lower entrance, on Florida Avenue, the hotel permits non-guests to stand behind a rope line and watch the ticketed guests arrive. It’s crowded, and there’s a lot of screaming, but usually the Hollywood types will walk over to the “civilian” rope line to say hello. Snipes must gain approval to leave home detention.
[April 8]
Wrekin Hill Entertainment has picked up USA and Vmi Worldwide is repping worldwide rights to the horror/western movie Gallowwalkers, which stars Wesley Snipes, at the ongoing European Film Market, happening concurrently with the Berlin International Film Festival, where they are screening it for international buyers – the obvious goal being to sell the film to distributors all over the world, and get the film in front of paying audiences This was one of a handful of projects Wesley Snipes produced before he began his prison sentence in 2010. It was never released, although it did play the film festival circuit a bit.
what seems to be new interest in *black westerns* like Django Unchained, and the upcoming They Die By Dawn, may have influenced the decision to revive this film, which was made before the others.
The film was originally a vehicle for Chinese star, Chow Yun-Fat of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean fame
[April 7]
Hollywood star Wesley Snipes will now remain under house arrest for the next four months in order to complete the three year sentence he was handed. He’ll be under the supervision of the New York Community Corrections Office, which oversees people in the Bronx and Brooklyn areas of New York, as well as New Jersey. According to the community corrections office, there are three detention houses for pre-release inmates — one in Brooklyn, one in New Jersey and one in The Bronx

Bronx Halfway House

Bronx Halfway House


Brooklyn Halfway House

Brooklyn Halfway House

[ 988 MYRTLE AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY] The population varies at each facility, but inmates are given pass privileges with ankle bracelets.

At the time of his conviction in April 2008, prosecutors said Snipes had earned more than $37m (£24m) in gross income.