Sandler’s character is about to be priced out of the mom-and-pop shoe shop he owns by a high-flying real estate agent, played by Ellen Barkin.

Sandler’s character is about to be priced out of the mom-and-pop shoe shop he owns by a high-flying real estate agent, played by Ellen Barkin.

Adam Sandler hasn’t had a very good year so far; his most recent film, The Cobbler, received quite the negative reaction despite being quietly dumped into theaters. Image Entertainment opened “The Cobbler” simultaneously in 20 theaters and on Video on Demand, scoring just $24,000 with a tiny per screen average of just $1,200. …stumbling comedian Adam Sandler, whose “The Cobbler” tanked this weekend. Adam Sandler’s ‘The Cobbler’ a Historical, Stupefying Disaster… wrongheadedness, cutesiness and borderline racism on display in “The Cobbler,” a would-be comedy, …this ghastly movie…latest in a string of derided comedies led by Sandler, baffling misfire.

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Ellen Barkin and Mick Jagger at L'Wren Scott's Fall 2012 fashion show in New York City, on February 16, 2012.

Ellen Barkin and Mick Jagger at L’Wren Scott’s Fall 2012 fashion show in New York City, on February 16, 2012.

Poems were read out by Jagger’s eldest daughter Karis, 43 and actress Ellen Barkin, who regularly wore L’Wren’s designs. The service was believed to be held in the cemetery’s Mausoleum which is looked over by a statue of Toto, the dog from the Wizard of Oz.

Ellen Barkin plays Stephanie Arcel in Hands of Stone which was filmed in Panama and the United States and is now in post-production, involves the actor Robert De Niro and singer Usher, and is slated for release this summer. The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other’s lives.
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Depp and Barkin 1994

Ellen Barkin at opening of Another Happy Day

Ellen Barkin at opening of Another Happy Day

Jane Forrest is a main character on the TV show, The New Normal . She is the uptight and slightly offensive grandmother of Goldie Clemmons. She follows her and her daughter to LA without their knowledge or permission. She is portrayed by Ellen Barkin.

Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal hit season low at 1.1; a huge overall fall.

(the latest episode of “The New Normal” pulled a 0.9 rating) A single national ratings point represents one percent of the total, an estimated 114.2 million television households, or 1,142,000 households for the 2012–13 season

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Ronald Perelman, Ellen Barkin

Ronald Perelman, Ellen Barkin

– Billionaire Ronald Perelman and his former wife, actress Ellen Barkin, settled their dueling claims involving her film production company, Applehead Pictures LLC.
The case was resolved less than a month after a New York appeals court ruled that Perelman had to pay $4.3 million to Applehead Pictures after reneging on an agreement to invest in it. An agreement to drop the case was filed in New York state Supreme Court on Dec. 28. The court rejected Perelman’s argument that Barkin’s alleged breaches of the separation agreement relieved him of his obligations in the business agreement. Perelman had countersued in state Supreme Court, alleging Barkin misappropriated Applehead funds to finance personal expenses. The cases were consolidated. Perelman and Barkin, his fourth wife, went through a bitter divorce in 2006. Barkin reportedly got $40 million when they separated.
Ellen Barkin has been starring in an array of independent movies recently. She plays the lead role in the dark comedy “Another Happy Day” — “It’s like ‘Ordinary People’ with belly laughs,” Barkin said — which will have its world premiere at Sundance.

The 56-year-old Barkin also produced the movie, working closely with first-time director Sam Levinson (the son of “Diner’s” Barry Levinson) over two years to land actors and financing. Barkin knows that a good Sundance reception will only help bring her better options. “I don’t ever want to be talked about in a specific way,” Barkin said. “But it’s hard for any actor to work. I am a believer in the idea that work begets work. Unless you’re in a very rarefied position of movie star status, you have to keep working in order to keep working.” Ex-restaurateur (and a former Diaz boss) Brian McNally once expressed surprise that Ellen Barkin wasn’t nicer to the staff – because he’d dated the actress back when she was waiting tables.

In spring 2007, Ronald Perelman and his business partner Donald Drapkin had a bitter falling-out and Mr. Drapkin left Mr. Perelman after more than 20 years. , “I just can’t take it anymore.” Then, “Ronald called me up and he said: ‘OK, you can have it your way; I’ll let you out, but it won’t be pretty,’ screaming at the top of his lungs.” Two months after the attempted reconciliation over drinks, Mr. Drapkin sued, claiming he was owed $18 million in unpaid compensation.

Mr. Perelman countersued for breach of contract and claimed he owed nothing.
The documents also offer details about how 68-year-old Mr. Perelman built his vast fortune—estimated by Forbes at $11 billion—and how some of his longest business partnerships abruptly ended, just when the financial markets were beginning to collapse in 2007.

Since late 2007, the stock price of Mr. Perelman’s largest public company by market value, lottery operator Scientific Games Corp., has fallen 71%. Shares of M&F Worldwide Corp., which does everything from print bank checks to make licorice flavoring for tobacco companies, have declined 59%. And shares in cosmetics company Revlon Inc. have slid 11%. Over the same time period, the Russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks has risen 3%.
In his deposition last year, Mr. Drapkin said that under a contract negotiated with Mr. Gittis, he pocketed 3% of “any deal we did” and 8% of “any deal I brought in.” His base salary was $15 million per year, according to a 2002 employment agreement.