DSK and Anne Sinclair New York  lga August 26, 2011

DSK and Anne Sinclair New York lga August 26, 2011

Anne Sinclair, a symbol of courage and tenacity to face legal troubles of her husband, the most lasting impression in 2011. This is evident from the survey conducted by the CSA institute for Terrafemina.
It is true that Anne Sinclair , wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has seen all the colors in 2011. Tenacity and unfailing support to the former director of the IMF earned her a holy woman of the year by 25% of respondents in the survey of the institute CSA Terrafemina. “Anne Sinclair for women is both a hero and a heroine-cons” analysis VĂ©ronique Morali, president of Terrafemina “Women identify with her or are questioning their own attitudes in terms of her behavior” .
Anne Sinclair’s ‘woman of the year’ award is a repulsive deceit
It is bizarre and depressing that French women have voted for Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s wife
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Nabila Ramdani
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