Death of Mr. Descoings still a mystery

Death of Mr. Descoings still a mystery

City medical examiner says heart attack killed Richard Descoings
Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner, said there was no foul play involved and that Descoings had suffered from hypertensive heart disease.
[April 5]Investigators were not yet willing to rule out the possibility of homicide, but they were leaning toward concluding that no criminality was involved, the authorities said.

Police investigators found no sign of trauma on the body of Mr. Descoings nor any evidence of a struggle, said Paul J. Browne, chief spokesman for the New York police.

Investigators “haven’t determined that there was foul play” in the death, he said.

Among the unresolved issues in the case is the discovery of a cellphone and laptop computer belonging to Mr. Descoings on a landing that juts out from the hotel’s third floor. They had apparently been thrown from a window in his room on the seventh floor.
The married French scholar whose naked body was found in a New York hotel room on Tuesday had been trawling through gay hook-up websites on his laptop before he died, police said

A family staying in the room next to the 7 th floor of the hotel said to have heard the voices of several people from the side of the room of Mr. Descoings, late Monday night. Ciesinski Ray explained that his family and himself had heard at least two people talking in the hallway as they left the room of Richard Descoings. he would have received two separate visits, two males whose investigators are trying to verify identity. After referring to “the possibility that other people found themselves in the room at some point,” Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, the NYPD, has again declined to comment.

[April 5]The naked body of Richard Descoings, 54, was sprawled across a bed in the Michelangelo Hotel in Manhattan on April 5.
The room had been ransacked, and there were indications that at least one other person had been in the room, said local police.
Important: Mr Desconings was also a member of France’s Council of State, a government advisory body
Mr Descoings was earning £268,000 per year as director of the Sciences-Po institute of political science in Paris – a prestigious college where Dominique Strauss-Kahn once taught.
The married Mr Descoings had recently been  forcibly ‘outed’ as a homosexual in Le Monde – the pro-government ‘establishment’ newserpaper.