Houssein Bajjadi and the 10 other accused identified by Belgian authorities are due to be retried at the end of 2019 or early 2020 after the prosecution appealed their acquittal last year.

June 26, 2018 brussels – The Public Prosecution Service appeals against the acquittal last month of eighteen suspects of the diamond robbery at Brussels airport in 2013.


Brinks of Belgium truck robbed

BRUSSELS — Five years after a brazen multimillion-dollar diamond heist on the tarmac of Brussels Airport, the Brussels Criminal Court on Thursday, May 17, cited a lack of evidence as it acquitted 18 suspects in the case.“They made a very wide sweep. They focused on some famous names,” said defence lawyer Nathalie Gallant, who claimed the investigators “worked with blinkers” on. She said the verdicts were not a surprise to those in the courtroom.
In its judgment, the Brussels court found that “the elements are not sufficiently precise and concordant to establish the guilt of the defendants,” . It lifted all confiscations of their property which had been seized as a precautionary measure. “The Brussels Criminal Court drew conclusions on a case that began with rumors,” said one of the defense lawyers, Pierre Monville,

 ‘Dr. Fantástico’ 6 minutes yields $5M in Brink robbery at Brazil airport   ]

Criminals stormed into the apron of the International Airport of Viracopos, in Campinas, a city some 100 km from São Paulo, Sunday evening, 9:30 pm local time, said Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos, which controls the airport. The criminals used a Hilux truck

[March 6 ]

brink robbery

The Lufthansa jet landed at Viracopos, Brazil’s largest freight airport, from nearby Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo. The plane was stopping over before flying to Zurich, Switzerland.
The robbers drove a pickup truck plastered with the logo of a local security company into the airport grounds.
Five of the robbers held up guards from the security company Brinks, loaded the money on the truck and drove off, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.
The heist lasted six minutes and none of the guards were hurt.

earlier Brink Antwerp diamond robbery

[May 15 2015 Cannes robbery yields $20066375.00, €17.5 million (£13 million) worth of jewellery and watches ]


the Cartier jewelery shop on the Croisette in Cannes has been holded up by four armed men who fled with a large amount of jewelry One robber in an old-man mask carrying a pistol burst into a Cartier boutique, letting in two accomplices with scarves around their faces, while a fourth man stood guard outside.
Two employees and a shopper were in the store at the time.
The robbers stuffed jewellery and watches into a leather satchel and jewellery bag. In their rush to make a getaway, they dropped several expensive watches onto the pavement, later recovered by the store.
The thieves made off in a Mercedes reported stolen in March that was later found burned out in a residential part of the town.
The Cartier store lies next to the luxury Carlton hotel – the scene of another daring jewellery raid in July 2013 that saw a lone thief make off with more than €140 million of gems, after breaking into the hotel through a door on the ground floor.

[March 13 Hatton Garden, London: USD $ 298, 570,000.00 in jewels and gold stolen]

Daily Mirror scoop

London Diamond Bourse (LDB) stated that the value of stolen goods has not yet been confirmed, so it will not fuel media speculation by commenting in that respect. London’s media has placed the value of stolen goods at anywhere from $50 million to $300 million.

We are currently one of London’s most successful and leading safe deposit company aiming to provide our clients a secure and cost-effective solution to store and protect important and irreplaceable personal belongings

We are currently one of London’s most successful and leading safe deposit company aiming to provide our clients a secure and cost-effective solution to store and protect important and irreplaceable personal belongings

Over the Easter weekend. burglars used heavy equipment to break into a vault used mainly by jewellers and gold dealers, Hatton Garden Safe Deposit. “The amount of money and the goods that are taken is never fully revealed… and there’s a good chance that not everybody would declare.
“I would not be surprised, given where this one is in Hatton Garden, if £200m is around about the amount stolen.”
In 2003 jewellery, cash and valuables worth an estimated £1.5m were stolen when a criminal, posing as a customer, emptied a number of boxes at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company

jewel robbery.

[March 14 9525150 Dollar jewel hijack on French highway]

Just after midnight two trucks were passing through a motorway toll at Avallon, in Burgundy, when they were targeted. Four cars surrounded the lorries – laden with valuable goods – as up to 15 robbers wearing balaclavas and brandishing automatic weapons jumped out.
“The trucks were full of jewels and other valuable goods,” said a judicial source involved in the investigation. “They were driven away along with the four cars being used by the robbers.” [March 14 Difficult, however, to know what the robbers can concretely collect for the loot. “The ratio rarely exceeds 40% of the value for concealment. It is rather on the order of 20%. In all cases, in my opinion, having regard to the manner in which the robbery took place, we will not find the loot. »

[May 39 2014 Diamond heisters were expecting to find a large cash shipment instead of diamonds and were unprepared to deal with what they found]

the men were expecting to find a large cash shipment instead of diamonds and were unprepared to deal with what they found

the men were expecting to find a large cash shipment instead of diamonds and were unprepared to deal with what they found

Authorities in Morocco have reported the arrest of four men wanted in connection with a number of armed robberies, including the diamond robbery that took place at Brussels Airport in February of last year.

The four are wanted for “attempted murder, armed robbery at goods transport warehouses, a major jewel theft at a European airport and an armed attack on a Belgian hospital with the intention of helping a prisoner escape.
[January 3 2014]The man thought to be the brains behind the operation, Frenchman Marc Bertoldi, was released on bail last month. No trace of the stolen diamonds has been found, and investigators have speculated that the men were expecting to find a large cash shipment instead of diamonds and were unprepared to deal with what they found.

The latest suspect is a 43-year-old man identified only as Nordine A. He was arrested on 13 December but released after questioning and after giving a DNA sample. He was arrested a second time on 23 December and formally imprisoned the next day, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said. The prosecutor would not confirm that the arrest was related to DNA evidence found at the scene of the robbery.
The robbery at Zaventem took place on 18 February 2013, when eight armed and masked men in police uniforms attacked a Swiss airlines flight.

[July 26 2013]

Marc Bertoldi, the 'criminal mastermind' behind the heist

The grouinds for arrest were based “on anything,” according to his Metz lawyer , M e Olivier Rondu. Or more precisely a document fifty pages in which the Moroccan authorities say they have captured a conversation between Marc Bertoldi and his wife established in Casablanca. After connecting on his cell on 18 and 19 February, the masteremind said he had made a big hit, and if she was watching TV she would understand

Marc Bertoldi, the criminal mastermind behind the heist of at least tens of millions of dollars worth of rough diamonds from an airport in Belgium, has been deported to that country to stand trial. The 43-year-old suspect has a lengthy criminal record. Bertoldi is a French citizen and he was captured in France. Bertoldi admitted that he had sold some of the loot. However, he said he did not participate in the robbery. According to a report from Moroccan intelligence services, he called his wife to tell her to watch the news, saying he had done something big. Dimitri de Beco, his lawyer said that his phone had been left off for two days before the robbery, “This report not, more than five pages and is not signed . The Moroccan intelligence report is that he said to his wife, one day before the robbery, he would not be reachable. “these claims are questionable because Moroccan intelligence services do not specify how or where they got this information.”
Moreover, “the investigators of the Belgian police, who went to Casablanca as part of a commission, had never heard of this report,” says the lawyer, who said that “this information can not under no circumstances be used to keep my client in jail.” The judge Marc Bertoldi ruled that Bertoldi is suspected of being the author or, at least, to have participated in the spectacular robbery.

[May 8]

Brink's of Belgium truck robbed of lots of diamonds

Brink’s of Belgium truck robbed of lots of diamonds

Police in Belgium, Switzerland and France have arrested 31 people in connection with one of the world’s largest robberies of diamonds.

Belgian prosecutors say they have recovered large sums of money and some of the diamonds that were taken in a raid at Brussels airport in February.

Query: why was Brink’s the shipper for a portion of the diamonds going from Antwerp to Switzerland [not the other way around]? Exports of rough diamonds in February fell to 7.49 million carats from 9.10 million carats last year, while declining to US$1.12 billion from US$1.16 billion last year. Global miners such as De Beers and Rio take the entire quantity of rough diamonds directly to major hubs like Belgium, assort them and sell to global processors, to avoid taxes.
Brink’s of Belgium, whose truck was robbed on the airport tarmac of lots of diamonds, has a nasty legal battle with its unions ongoing. An inside job seems likely. They took 120 parcels of diamonds weighing 22lbs . They were uncut, with no certificate. “The perpetrators knew very clearly, ” said Caroline Wolf.

Faced with a complicated labor dispute in 2010, Brink’s cut its losses. Brink’s of Belgium, the cash-delivery business, declared bankruptcy. Its workers were laid off without severance. Brink’s moved management to the Netherlands, while keeping the lucrative Antwerp-based jewelry-delivery business. “We didn’t have a choice, we were losing too much money,” said Mr. Candel.

The unions filed suit in a Belgian court challenging the change in job status and lack of severance. “Brink’s acted as if we wouldn’t be vigilant, but we have lawyers,” said Valerie Van Waregem, a delegate for the socialist union.

Labor experts say Brink’s probably erred in not negotiating a compromise with unions over severance, something that is required in the event of bankruptcy by a 2008 EU directive. “We never refused a dialogue with the unions,” said Mr. Candel. “They refused to work.”

In Europe, “one cannot do what one would be able to do in the United States with a bankruptcy,” said Thomas Kohler, a professor of labor law at Boston College. “In U.S. law, employees are unsecured creditors. It’s a very different situation in Europe.”

The insurance for air transport – handled sometimes by airlines themselves or external insurance companies – is usually relatively cheap because it’s considered to be the safest way of transporting small high value items, logistics experts say.

Exports of rough diamonds in February fell to 7.49 million carats from 9.10 million carats last year, while declining to US$1.12 billion from US$1.16 billion last year. Global miners such as De Beers and Rio take the entire quantity of rough diamonds directly to major hubs like Belgium, assort them and sell to global processors, to avoid taxes.
Brink’s Co., a provider of armored cars to transport valuables, said a diamond robbery at Brussels airport will have a “significant impact” on first-quarter earnings.
A portion of the gems stolen two days ago was being shipped by Brink’s, the Richmond, Virgina-based company said today in a statement.
“The total loss exposure has not been verified, and the loss exposure for Brink’s has not been disclosed,” the company said. Brink’s “has a longstanding insurance program in place to cover its losses.”
Brink’s said that while the loss will hurt first-quarter earnings, the robbery won’t “materially affect” it’s full- year profit forecast.

But a robbery of this size also catches the eyes of people who study the illegal diamond trade. A decade ago, concern over so-called “blood diamonds,” which are diamonds mined in conflict zones, led to industry participation in a regulatory process designed to clarify a precious stone’s place of origin. The goal was to make it harder to use illegal diamond sales to finance armed conflicts.
In effect since 2003, the Kimberley Process is a voluntary system that combines compliance from industry, government, and non-government monitors. This morning’s stolen diamonds should fall under the Kimberly Process rules, which cover “rough” or uncut diamonds, not finished ones. This morning’s stolen diamonds were rough.
If they were going from Belgium to Switzerland, and they were rough, they would have needed a Kimberley certificate

New York mug shot of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

New York mug shot of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Court spokesman David Bookstaver said Tuesday that the hearing will be held March 28 in the Bronx. It was originally set for March 15.
The hearing is being held to deal with issues that have to be resolved before a trial, which has yet to be scheduled.
[February 26]Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, has accepted an invitation to appear before the Cambridge Union, a famous debating society next month to speak on the state of the Eurozone and the global economy. The former Socialist minister, who quit the IMF in light of last year’s allegations, has accepted an invitation to address the Cambridge Union on March 9. He has a March 15 New York court hearing on a lawsuit and likely to be summoned to appear before investigating magistrates on March 28. The March 15 hearing in state Supreme Court in the Bronx will likely address a motion from Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers to throw out the lawsuit.
Katie Lam, president of the union, which was formed almost 200 years ago, said the financier was “exceptionally well qualified to speak on some of the greatest headline topics of the world in 2012”.
Before investigating magistrates, his claim is that he did not know that the women he had sex with — who are for the most part French and Belgian and from poor immigrant backgrounds — were prostitutes because they were ‘all naked at the time’. Girls would travel as far as the U.S. to join clients working there. They were flown out to America on several occasions for the entertainment of wealthy clients — including DSK.
Another prostitute, a Belgian called Jade, was also flown to the U.S. to entertain DSK.
She claims to have a photograph of herself embracing him at his IMF offices in Washington D.C., taken during a guided tour he gave her at the end of an evening together.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the great attraction of the Paris-Casablanca Forum Round, held in Casablanca on February 1. more

A few weeks earlier, it is in another luxury hotel that he had made a comeback in public life: the Hyatt Regency Casablanca. But here, no visit on the sly for the child’s country, or nominee to book a suite with jacuzzi, magnum of champagne, nor backdoor to escape the paparazzi: DSK was received there as a guest speaker to a high-class conference and especially women idol. “Every opportunity to come to Morocco are good, this one was particularly good,” he said inlet during his speech.

Regularly refuge in his beautiful riad in Marrakech since the beginning of his judicial disentangled U.S. DSK is returned to worldly life in Casablanca through the front door. “New life of DSK” headlined the Moroccan magazine Actuelwhich devoted its cover and a colorful story.

It must be said that the former IMF chief did everything to cure her first major media outlet. In conquered territory and away from gossip and atmosphere of Paris guerrilla on the eve of the presidential election. With his side of seasoned economist he will take it a st February speech at the forum of the Paris Forum, relocated for the occasion in the Moroccan capital business. The event was organized by the businessman and communicator Albert Mallet, an old acquaintance of corn. The elite of the kingdom, which the Finance Minister Nizar Baraka or the Director of the Deposit Anas Alami had come to meet him, along with several old friends of Morocco, including former Israeli ambassador in Paris, Elie Barnavi.

DSK, a friend of Morocco

“Upon his arrival he is greeted by the President of parliament, Karim Ghellab, and the finance minister, with whom he jokes by telling stories of defective plumbing in Marrakech. One can hardly imagine the former head of the IMF joke with the French Minister of Finance or salute the President of Congress. “Actuel reports.

We see the atmosphere was warm.

“We have always received correctly, even dictators. So why not him? At least he does not have blood on their hands. From a Western perspective, it may be shocking. But he made a mistake that Moroccans understand, and we, we make a distinction between the man and his bullshit. “Tell him, very forgiving a young quadra. No wonder it makes its base in Morocco-back.
DSK is due to speak alongside Luxembourg Prime Minister and Eurogroup Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker at a March 27 conference in Brussels [and before investigating magistrates on March 28?]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn owes the US government more than $16,000 in overdue property taxes on a swanky townhouse in Washington, DC, according to records from the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue. The luxurious three-bedroom Georgetown spread was purchased by Strauss-Kahn’s wealthy wife, journalist Anne Sinclair.

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

Anne Sinclair riad in Sidi Mimoune, Morocco

the couple DSK-Sinclair would think divorce. They speak without any taboo. “They think it is a certainty,” says a friend of the couple. Especially since the new incriminating evidence of DSK could have a significant impact on the civil trial lawyers want him bringing Nafissatou Diallo. . If convicted of DSK, it should pay a sum of money very important. Google translation
But Anne Sinclair has already seen thousands of euros fly during the trial in New York does not want to get hold portfolio.. “Anne has no desire to see her fortune go up in smoke,” said a close. “”If it must be resolved to cast off for protection, it will probably,” she whispered, adding that nothing has yet been launched.

[Novemeber 12]Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is currently preparing a book on all these cases. The book is expected in early 2012, probably in January.
[November 2]After l’affaire du Carlton blew up, Ms. Sinclair, a prominent former television journalist, left for her property at Sidi Mimoune Morocco, feeling “shame and disgust” over her husband’s behavior, according to the weekly Le Point. Ms. Sinclair says that an “earthquake” has hit her life, and that she is in the process of rethinking everything.
The entrance, flanked by two marble columns, leads to the first courtyard, bordered on both sides of apartments on one level.. This is the place reserved for guests. . The whole is embellished by a lush, shaded by a huge palm tree. . Beyond this space with a pool, you enter the house itself. The rooms and apartments of the couple are distributed on the ground floor and upstairs, on four sides around a second patio. . There, a central fountain, flowerbeds cypresses, orange trees, banana trees and roses bring freshness and pleasure. The unit is headed by a large pergola.
She will not be disturbed by new neighbors.The north wing of the property is bordered by a vast wasteland coveted by developers, as close to prestigious venues (Mamounia, mausoleum, etc.). But all projects are systematically denied. Overlooking this strange no man’s land, a covered balcony on the corner of the riad offers a breathtaking view of the minaret of the Koutoubia .