his two new female attorneys, Marianne Bertuna, New York Law School, and Diana Fabi Samson, Villanova University School of Law

Judge approved a new Weinstein legal team. After approving Baez’s request to withdraw from the case, Burke called him to the bench for a one-on-one chat that lasted about five minutes with no court reporter to transcribe the conversation.

Harvey Weinstein’s sex assault trial delayed, is now set for Sept. 9. Weinstein lawyer Marianne Bertuna argued that news coverage could influence potential jurors and that “the court cannot be complicit with the press in denying the defendant’s right to a fair trial.”

[June 11 2010 opens film in China ]

John Cusack, Chow Yun-Fat

Shanghai, John Cusack, Chow Yun-Fat

“Shanghai” is the first fruit of a $285 million Weinstein Co. fund announced in August 2007, which planned to produce two dozen films over six years.

The film screens Friday in Hong Kong and at the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 13.


The story of an American spy who arrives in Shanghai during the winter of 1941 to discover his friend has been killed. Driven to investigate the murder, he is drawn into an ever increasing web of mystery, conspiracy and deceit.

John Cusack, Chow Yun-Fat


Blue Valentine re-edited

5 August, 2010

Michelle Williams

Take this Waltz filming

Harvey Weinstein apparently did a re-edit on “Blue Valentine” after it played at Cannes to tighten it for domestic release. He, meanwhile, is said to be focused again on movies with lower budgets (typically $15 million-$25 million) that will get platform releases that could be expanded. That includes at least four this year that will be given his well-known Oscar push.

The pics seen as worthy of Academy consideration are “The King’s Speech,” starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, which goes out limited Nov. 24; Sundance pickup “Blue Valentine,” starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, which gets a limited release Dec. 31; and recent acquisition “Miral,” from director Julian Schnabel and starring Freida Pinto and Willem Dafoe, opening Dec. 3. The Weinsteins also will push documentary “The Tillman Story,” about the NFL player who went to Afghanistan and was killed by friendly fire.

On Wednesday, TWC firmed up dates for its slate of limited releases. In addition to those mentioned, they are “Nowhere Boy” (Oct. 8), “The Company Men” (Oct. 22, expanding a week later) and two others for this year, “Easy Money” and “Reign of Assassins.”

“Shanghai,” a co-production with a Chinese company, was pulled from the release schedule when money woes hit this year. It will get a domestic release, said the source, though how wide is not clear. It opened last month in China, a requirement under its original contract.