1953 Short Creek AZ raid

1953 Short Creek AZ raid

Colorado City and Hildale redesignated as Zion

Colorado City and Hildale redesignated as Zion

Members of the Utah State Legislature received apocalyptic revelations from imprisoned FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.The revelations have been arriving in lawmakers’ mailboxes all week.
Lawmakers did not feel threatened by the mailings, which are believed to have been sent by Jeffs’ followers, but did term them “interesting.”

“The Hildale-Colorado City area has opened up considerably, looking to improve its relationship with the outside world while retaining its unique religious culture. Economic expansion in Colorado City and in other group holdings has accelerated with the development of cabinet making, commercial landscaping, chicken and egg farming, candy making, and other businesses. Innovative public school financing and aggressive expansion of public services continues under both church and civic sponsorship. Internal conflict in the UEP remains, but the Short Creek community seems clearly here to stay.”
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More than a dozen churchmen were imprisoned for taking teenage brides, after 2002
Most of the town’s homes, businesses and properties, once held by a church-controlled trust, are now overseen by a court-appointed fiduciary.

A half-dozen local police officers were stripped of law-enforcement authority because they pledged allegiance to the church rather than to the law.

Public schools, once operated by an FLDS board, were taken over by the state.

Turmoil even reached inside the clandestine church: Jeffs at one point renounced himself as a prophet, then abruptly reassumed the mantle. Scores of former FLDS elders have been excommunicated, stripped of wives and banished from their homes.

Yet amid all the change, the twin towns of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, remain a sanctuary for plural marriages, celebrated by the FLDS as a key to eternal salvation. Jeffs continues to issue edicts from behind bars. Women still wear ankle-length dresses in a place that seems frozen in the early 1900s.

In the wake of the Texas raid, former FLDS members say Jeffs redesignated Colorado City and Hildale as Zion, and the faithful began coming home to the FLDS cradle.here Observers were skeptical law enforcement would again prosecute followers in Hildale and Colorado City.
The gargantuan metal prophet is being constructed in seven pieces in a clandestine warehouse whose windows have been papered over in San Angelo, Texas, where Jeffs’ trial was held, according to the source.

Jeffs himself once ordered a granite stone dedicated to another prophet pulverized. The stone was a modest three-foot hand-made monument commemorating Leroy “Uncle Roy” Johnson, who led the FLDS for some 40 years before Jeffs and his father took over.

Warren Jeffs regained control of his polygamous church on August 3 after a four-month internal struggle for the presidency of the corporations that comprise the entity. Although convicted, Jeffs would still be recognized by Utah commerce officials as the legal representative of the FLDS church unless a court directs the agency otherwise, Bolton said. The development came on the deadline set by the Utah Department of Commerce for both sides to provide a resolution, or a court order settling the dispute.

Commerce spokeswoman Jennifer Bolton the department hadn’t received any new filings, so the agency would now recognize Jeffs again as the corporation president. Two legal entities form the church – the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, which holds business and property assets, and the Corporation of the President, a separate entity embodied by the faith’s religious leader who is considered a prophet. here