Percoco, l.

U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni of the Southern District of New York on May 5 2020 denied the request of Joseph Percoco, writing in a terse order that the “confusion at Otisville does not excuse defendant’s failure to file a motion for compassionate release with the BOP.”

[May 4 2020]

Joseph Percoco asked a judge May 4 2020 to release him to home confinement due to the coronavirus outbreak. The attorney argued that Percoco is at grave risk if he contracts COVID-19 given his numerous health conditions, including hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Percoco, who is two years into a six-year sentence at FCI Otisville, was already authorized on April 11 for release by the Bureau of Prisons due to his health conditions. He was expected to walk out of Otisville on April 27 after a two-week quarantine, but the BOP has extended the quarantine and Percoco, 51, is about to begin his fourth week in isolation.

[April 14 2919 Joseph Percoco in jail, not Todd R. Howe ]


Todd R. Howe ,l., and wife

Joseph Percoco, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide, has begun life as inmate No. 78132-054. Percoco, Cuomo’s former campaign manager and top aide, reported to federal prison in Orange County to begin his six-year sentence for taking more than $300,000 from companies with business before the state. He will serve his sentence at FCI Otisville, where he was recommended for the federal prison’s minimum-security satellite camp.

Seven people were eventually convicted or pleaded guilty in cases that hinged on testimony from Todd R. Howe. For that, he was rewarded with a sentence that included no prison time.

[February 25 2019 ‘ziti’ case stayed pending appeal ]

Joseph Percoco was to report to prison on March 1 for accepting over $300,000 in bribes, which he notoriously referred to as “ziti.” But the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a one-page decision made public February 25 that Percoco did not have to report to prison as it considered whether to grant him bail pending appeal. https://wp.me/pEe9-km https://wp.me/pEe9-13S

[July 23 2018 Steven Cohen and Larry Schwartz ask leniency for Percoco ]

Steven Cohen

PofNYA Executive Director Patrick Foye, with Cohen, right

Larry Schwartz (left) and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2012.

Letters from more than a dozen former aides to Cuomo, including Steven Cohen and Larry Schwartz, were submitted regarding Joseph Percoco, a Westchester County resident who spent more than two decades as one of Cuomo’s closest personal friends and aides, who is scheduled to be sentenced in Manhattan federal court on Aug. 10 after he was convicted in March for accepting more than $321,000 in bribes from companies with business before the state.