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images taken Sep.8 2019 show another smaller vessel nearby

Britain’s foreign office said it was clear Iran had breached assurances and that the oil had been transferred to Syria.
“Iran has shown complete disregard for its own assurances over Adrian Darya 1,” foreign minister Dominic Raab said in the statement.

[Sep 10 2019 laden ]

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September 6 2019 off Tartous

With the time of day and the size of the vessel known, the width of a vessel’s shadow as seen from space can be used to calculate draft; based on this method, TankerTrackers asserts that as of Monday, the Darya is still carrying her full cargo of 2.1 million barrels of Iranian crude.

[September 7 2019 to Tartous ]

[September 3 2019 70 km to Russian base?   ]

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Goes dark off Syria

[August 31 2019]

As part of today’s action, the Adrian Darya 1’s captain, Akhilesh Kumar, is also designated pursuant to E.O. 13224

[August 20 2019 to Tripoli? ]
Adrian Darya

The tanker, which was located west of Cyprus and facing north August 30 1019 could conduct a ship-to-ship transfer to discharge its cargo offshore towards Lebanon’s Tripoli port.

[August 24 2019]

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Baniyas refinery is the biggest oil refinery in Syria. Russian officers and technicians now run the refinery.

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 8.45.57 AMThe closely-watched Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1, formerly known as Grace 1, has altered her AIS destination to Mersin, Turkey, The port of Mersin, Turkey also lacks the water depth to accommodate a vessel of Adrian Darya’s draft within the harbor.

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