Woody Allen and Amazon have come to an agreement to finish a lawsuit that challenged Amazon’s early termination of the filmmaker’s deal. The dismissal occurs after the European opening of Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York — one of the films that was to have been covered by the Amazon agreement. A Rainy Day in New York is earning notably less overseas than many of Allen’s other films, although his last outing, Wonder Wheel, topped out at $13.7 million internationally.

[August 30 2019 Dylan Farrow charges shelve Woody film ]
Woody Allen’s latest movie, “A Rainy Day in New York,” has been shelved by Amazon and may never be released. The movie — starring Timothée Chalamet, Selena Gomez, Jude Law and Elle Fanning — wrapped filming last fall, before the #MeToo movement refocused attention on the allegations of sexual abuse Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow has made against him.

[June 6 2015 Harvey Weinstein: couldn’t be more thrilled at Tonys ]

Joely Richardson and friend

Joely Richardson 5′ 10″, 50, and friend

Harvey Weinstein, shut out of the Tony nominations with Finding Nerverland awarded June 7 hosted a private cocktail party at the Lotos Club for “New York influentials.” Weinstein and his gorgeous designer wife greeted a handful of guests inside the book-lined second-floor library of the exclusive Upper East Side mansion, which operates a members-only club. The drinks do was at the request of Moscow-born 35-year-old businessman Evgeny Lebedev – The Lebedev tycoons, former KGB agent Alexander, age 55, and his socialite son Evgeny, own The Evening Standard and The Independent in the U.K.
“With 27 nominations today for Fun Home, The Elephant Man, The Audience and Wolf Hall, shows that we either co-invested or co-produced, we couldn’t be more thrilled.” The prolific producer was a frequent punchline throughout the 2015 Tony Awards,

[June 2 the Astaire Award for Dance]

Miss Piemonte

Miss Piemonte

Harvey Weinstein received the Astaire Award last night. “Finding Neverland” choreographer Mia Michaels presented it to him and called Weinstein her “bad ass big brother.” Weinstein pointed out that “Neverland” got no Tony nominations (ridiculous, in my opinion) but continues to make over $1 million a week. He said, of Michaels, “We need new voices on Broadway.” He added: “We need guys like me on Broadway.” There was a lot of applause.

[April 11 no action on the available evidence]

Miss Piemonte

Miss Piemonte

Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance has said it won’t pursue legal action after the model, 22-year-old Ambra Battilana, accused Weinstein of groping her and putting a hand under her skirt in a meeting at his downtown Manhattan office two weeks ago.“This case was taken seriously from the outset, with a thorough investigation conducted by our Sex Crimes Unit,” said Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman at Vance’s office. She added: “After analyzing the available evidence, including multiple interviews with both parties, a criminal charge is not supported.” the common knowledge
[March 31 Silvio Berlusconi and Harvey Weinstein both touched up by same young woman]

Michelle Williams and Georgina Chapman: Georgina is married to Harvey Weinstein who have two children – four-year-old daughter India and almost-two-year-old son Dashiell .

Michelle Williams and Georgina Chapman: Georgina is married to Harvey Weinstein who have two children – four-year-old daughter India and almost-two-year-old son Dashiell .

Harvey Weinstein, 63, was questioned by the NYPD over the alleged fondling of Italian Ambra Battilana.
During cross-examining at the trial of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi , it was revealed that Ambra Battilana,sued a 70-year old businessman for sexual assault. The man admitted to a relationship but considered it consensual, counter-claiming that he instead paid her handsomely with jewels, a car and when she was a contestant in the Miss Italy pageant. The unnamed man, referred to as Mr. G. in the Italian press, told Il Giornale, owned by Berlusconi’s family, that he suspected Battilana had become a “jolly” for the prosecutor, effectively accusing her of turning states evidence to avoid charges. She denied those claims.
Weinstein’s meeting, arranged by email exchange, was at the offices of the Weinstein Company in Tribeca, at 6pm on March 27. Weinstein met her March 26 at his New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
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[July 20 2010 Bob and Harvey Weinstein restructure debt]

take this waltz

The Weinstein Co. has struck a deal to restructure its debt. The settlement calls for the New York studio, run by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, to turn over about 200 titles from its catalog to Goldman Sachs and insurance company Assured Guarantee, which were owed $450 million as part of a $1.2-billion financing package the investment bank arranged for Weinstein Co. when it launched in 2005, The movies handed over by Weinstein Co., which include the 2007 remake of “Halloween,” and the 2008 Woody Allen comedy “Vicky Christina Barcelona,” are estimated to be worth at least $233 million in future revenue.Under the settlement, insurance company Ambac, which insured $500 million of Weinstein Co.’s debt, will pay $115 million to Goldman Sachs and Assured. The deal wipes out the studio’s debt and gives it the opportunity to continue producing and releasing movies.

Michelle Williams set "Take this Waltz"

Michelle Williams set “Take this Waltz”

“Take This Waltz,” [is] Sarah Polley’s honest, sure-footed, emotionally generous second feature. Ms. Williams, one of the bravest and smartest actresses working in movies today, portrays a young woman who is indecisive and confused, but never passive. The title is taken from one of his songs, which accompanies an astonishing (and very sexy) montage late in the film. A.O.Scott

[September 28, 2011]
about an earlier cut
San Sebastian International Film Festival 2011 “For all its variously successful insights into married life the film often takes bold stylistic leaps that simply don’t work (it features the most unintentionally hilarious sex scene in recent memory). Take This Waltz didn’t receive a single clap of appreciation and to be frank it didn’t deserve any.” film magazine-of-the-moment Little White Lies

“I often dream of quitting acting. ,,,. It’s when a situation is inescapable that it becomes hell.,,,. I’ve been acting for twenty years” Hobo

Michelle Williams September 2011

Michelle Williams September 2011

Date Rank Weekend Gross %Change Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
Jun 29–Jul 1    31    $137,019    –                   30 –                                $4,567  $137,019 1
Jul 6–8              32     $152,250   +11.1%      46  +16                         $3,310  $399,644 2
Jul 13–15         34      $147,306    -3.2%      47   +1                            $3,134   $329,025 3
Jul 20–22       32       $108,997    -26.0%   56    +9                           $1,946   $833,634 4
Jul 27–29       34       $84,033       -22.9%   64     +8                          $1,313   $981,313 5

Michelle Williams, Magnolia Pictures Release "Take This Waltz"

Michelle Williams, Magnolia Pictures Release "Take This Waltz"

Magnolia Pictures announced today that they’ve picked up “Take This Waltz” for a release early next summer, both theatrically and on-demand. They also plan to bring the film to several festivals, which means Sundance goers might be able to catch it. Here’s what Polley had to say about the pickup:

“Magnolia has distributed some of my favourite films of the last few years. It is an honour to have our film counted among their incredible list of titles. Their enthusiasm for the film is very exciting and we can’t wait to begin working with them.”
Magnolia Pictures is an American film distributor, and is a holding of 2929 Entertainment, owned by Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban. Films distributed by Magnolia typically appear on the cable television channel HDNet Movies (also owned by Cuban) during their first week of release. In April 2011, Cuban placed Magnolia up for sale, but he added that he wouldn’t sell the company unless the offer was “very, very compelling.”

Nearly three weeks after the Walt Disney Co. announced it had reached an agreement to sell Miramax for $660 million to a group led by construction magnate Ron Tutor, the financing for the deal is still not nailed down.

It’s considered unusual to have a deal of this scope without first having the financing in place, and it may be at least another month before there is a resolution, said one executive familiar with the negotiations.

That would mean the designated deadline to close the deal of Sept. 7 would be missed. In that case, Disney may have to extend the deadline or perhaps look for new bidders.

The sticking point on the financing front: the value of Miramax’s 600-plus film library, the executive said. To make that calculation, the Tutor camp has hired Mesa Global, which placed a value of $650 million on Miramax, figuring in its library.

Trying to reach a consensus on the worth of Miramax’s catalog has consistently bogged down the sale of the company since Disney began to entertain offers earlier this year. Given the overall decline in DVD sales, it has become much more difficult to place a value on film libraries.

Piranha3D remake

12 August, 2010

Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams filming Take This Waltz

Yes, this is a remake. But it is a remake of a film that has not only already been remade (in the ’90s for Showtime starring Punky Brewster and the Greatest American Hero), but was, itself, originally just a Jaws knockoff. Better yet, a Jaws knockoff produced by reigning king of camp Roger Corman, written by none other than John Sayles, and directed by Joe Dante. It is a classic to be sure, but a camp classic that nobody minds being remade. In fact, it is exactly the type of film many critics appreciate being remade. It is spectacle. Cheap, wonderful, lizard-brained spectacle. The Weinstein Co. screened a little over 10 minutes of unfinished footage from the forthcoming 3D remake of Roger Corman’s 1978 cult classic. Piranha 3D opens August 20.

Blue Valentine re-edited

5 August, 2010

Michelle Williams

Take this Waltz filming

Harvey Weinstein apparently did a re-edit on “Blue Valentine” after it played at Cannes to tighten it for domestic release. He, meanwhile, is said to be focused again on movies with lower budgets (typically $15 million-$25 million) that will get platform releases that could be expanded. That includes at least four this year that will be given his well-known Oscar push.

The pics seen as worthy of Academy consideration are “The King’s Speech,” starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, which goes out limited Nov. 24; Sundance pickup “Blue Valentine,” starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, which gets a limited release Dec. 31; and recent acquisition “Miral,” from director Julian Schnabel and starring Freida Pinto and Willem Dafoe, opening Dec. 3. The Weinsteins also will push documentary “The Tillman Story,” about the NFL player who went to Afghanistan and was killed by friendly fire.

On Wednesday, TWC firmed up dates for its slate of limited releases. In addition to those mentioned, they are “Nowhere Boy” (Oct. 8), “The Company Men” (Oct. 22, expanding a week later) and two others for this year, “Easy Money” and “Reign of Assassins.”

“Shanghai,” a co-production with a Chinese company, was pulled from the release schedule when money woes hit this year. It will get a domestic release, said the source, though how wide is not clear. It opened last month in China, a requirement under its original contract.

Michelle Williams on location

Michelle Williams on location

Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby, and Seth Rogen started shooting Take This Waltz in Little Portugal, Toronto. In the movie, Williams is married to Rogen but begins to question their marriage as she develops feeling for someone else.

On Wednesday, the movie was also spotted filming on Mackenzie Crescent in Toronto.