Ex-Jefferies & Co. Managing Director Jesse Litvak, deemed an “elite” fraudster by prosecutors for being the only person convicted of fraud over a $20 billion government bailout program, was sentenced to two years in prison for lying to customers about mortgage-backed securities.

Defense lawyers successfully argued their client deserved less than the decade in prison he faced by saying his fraud was less insidious than a Ponzi scheme or “boiler room.” The judge noted that the victims were “sophisticated investors.” Litvak’s lawyers had asked for a maximum 14-month term.

Litvak, 39, was found guilty of securities fraud and making false statements, as well as fraud connected to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program. His March conviction was the first tied to the Public-Private Investment Program, an initiative that used TARP funds to spur investments in mortgage-backed securities after the 2008 financial crisis.


Elizabeth olsen with Daniel Ratcliffe

Elizabeth Olsen with Daniel Ratcliffe

Radcliffe’s rep responded at 2 a.m. Friday that a delayed Radcliffe ultimately did arrive in San Diego — in time for a scheduled Comic-Con panel later Friday afternoon with his co-star Juno Temple and director Alexandre Aja. “Horns” is being released by the Weinstein Company’s Radius-TWC label.

Daniel Radcliffe has been denied entry to America after failing to upgrade his visa properly. He needed a “stamp from the US embassy” in Toronto to travel back to the US but “their computer system was down”.
Radcliffe is in the process of upgrading his P-2 visa — designated for foreign actors and entertainers — to an O-1 visa for “the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics”. An O-1 grants the holder a three-year stay in the US, while the P-2 only gives a performer residency for the time they are working on a project, not to exceed a year.Radcliffe finished a run of The Cripple Of Inishmaan on Broadway on July 20, andhe had been approved to upgrade to the O-1. He needed a “stamp from the US embassy” in Toronto to travel back to the US but “their computer system was down”.

In order to get his visa he had to prove that no American performer could act in the role as well as him. His brilliant reviews from the London version of The Cripple Of Inishmaan had helped persuade US officials of his suitability for living in America.

[January 16 2012]
Elizabeth Olsen will star alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the Killer Films thriller “Kill Your Darlings,” Olsen plays Edie Parker, a wealthy art student who was Kerouac’s girlfriend and, eventually, his wife.

Dane DeHaan (“Chronicle”) and Jack Huston (“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) have also joined the cast of the film,